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quarta-feira, 29 de março de 2017

CBTE Convaca Atletas para o Treinamento Centralizado - TC2 - no CMTE


A Diretoria de Carabina e Pistola convoca os seguintes atletas para participarem, entre os dias 19 e 23 de abril, do TC2, que será realizado do Centro Militar de Tiro Esportivo - CMTE, em Deodoro no Rio de Janeiro:

- Cassio César de Mello Ripel
- Leonardo Vagner do Nascimento
- Julio Antonio de Souza Almeida
- Felipe Almeida Wu
- Vladimir da Silveira

Nesta semana de treinamento, contaremos com a presença do técnico de pistola Bernardo Tobar.

Para esta convocação foi utilizado o Ranking Qualidade, considerando os atletas que alcançaram o Índice Mundo em suas disciplinas.

Pedimos a atenção dos atletas com as alterações no Programa, essas alterações foram necessárias para se adequarem ao número de postos existentes no CMTE.

O evento está aberto para os demais atletas da CBTE das disciplinas de carabina e pistola olímpicas, que deverão arcar com todas as suas despesas. Para se inscrever basta enviar e-mail para ranking@cbte.org.br com cópia para james@cbte.org.br até o dia 12/04.

Para visualizar o programa do evento, clique aqui!

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terça-feira, 28 de março de 2017

The United States claim the top of the medal ranking in Acapulco


ISSF World Cup Shotgun · Acapulco, MEX
USA Shooting pocketed four total medals at the ISSF World Cup Stage 2 in Acapulco: two Golds and 2 Silvers. The three other Golds were delivered to India, Italy and Spain.
Just like two years ago, when they pocketed four of the five Gold medals up for grabs, the United States of America finished atop the medal standings in Acapulco, where the second ISSF World Cup stage of the 2017 season just concluded.

Ashley Carroll and Kimberly Rhode were the two shooters who made the American national anthem resound at the Club de Caza, Tiro y Pesca de Acapulco, respectively pocketing the women’s Trap and Skeet Gold medal.

For 22-year-old Carroll it’s the first career World Cup medal, while for 37-year-old Rhode the count says 26. The one she pocketed in Acapulco is the 10th Gold of her career in the Skeet Women.

Caitlin Connor (26) and Frank Thompson (29) both secured a Silver medal: Connor in the women’s Skeet, behind Rhode, and Thompson in the men’s Skeet, behind Marco Sablone of Italy, who earned his country’s only medal in Mexico.

Final medal standings
India’s Ankur Mittal claimed the top of the podium in the men’s Double Trap event, while Spanish shooter Alberto Fernandez secured the Gold in the men’s Trap, where he was followed by his teammate Antonio Bailon. Thanks to Fernandez and Bailon’s medals, Spain placed in 2nd position in the final medal ranking.
Medalists by event
Trap Men20 MAR 2017GoldFERNANDEZ AlbertoESP
SilverBAILON AntonioESP
Double Trap Men22 MAR 2017GoldMITTAL AnkurIND
BronzeQI YingCHN
Skeet Men26 MAR 2017GoldSABLONE MarcoITA
Trap Women19 MAR 2017GoldCARROLL AshleyUSA
SilverROONEY NatalieNZL
BronzePERILLI AlessandraSMR
Skeet Women25 MAR 2017GoldRHODE KimberlyUSA
SilverCONNOR CaitlinUSA
Only one of the five World Records set in New Delhi has been bested, and both Ashley Carroll and New Zealand’s Natalie Rooney set the new one in the Trap Women event, where they crushed 42 out of 50 targets in the final.

In his re-match against Australia’s James Willett, then, Ankur Mittal crushed 75 clays and equalled the record his rival set in the first stage of the season.

Finally, in the women’s Skeet final, USA’s Katharina Monika Jacob set a new Junior World Record with 30 target hits.

The season will now continue next month with the ISSF World Cup Stage 3, scheduled in Larnaka (CYP) from April 28th to May 8th.

News and updates about the ISSF competitions are available on the ISSF website and on its social media profiles: FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeWeibo and Youku.

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domingo, 26 de março de 2017

Marco Sablone is back in the business, claims Italy’s second consecutive men’s Skeet Gold


ISSF World Cup Shotgun · Acapulco, MEX

The 28-year-old shooter pocketed Italy’s first and only medal in Acapulco, prevailing over United States’ Frank Thompson, who also pocketed the first World Cup medal of his career, and Australia’s Paul Adams, who claimed his second consecutive Bronze.
The second ISSF competition of the 2017 season closed today at the Club de Caza, tiro y Pesca de Acapulco, where the Skeet Men event awarded its medals to Italy, United States and Australia.

In his second overall participation in an ISSF World Cup stage, Italian shooter Marco Sablone (28) clinched the Gold medal with an outstanding performance, pulverizing the 80th place he nailed in his only previous participation, which dates back to Beijing (CHN) in 2011.

It is Italy’s second consecutive World Cup Gold in this event, after Riccardo Filippelli climbed atop the podium at the first stage of the season in New Delhi (IND).

Sablone led the match since the early stages, as he missed only one of his first 33 targets and built a comfortable gab on his closest opponent: United States’ 29-year-old Frank Thompson. Sablone kept shooting consistently all along the match, maintaining Thompson at a safe distance while the other shooters were battling to avoid elimination.

On the last station, unfortunately, the Italian athlete missed the chance to equal the World Record set by his teammate Filippelli in India, missing the last 2 clays of his final and concluding with 55 target hits.

“Even if it’s been a long time since my last international competition, I didn’t came here just to participate,” said Sablone. “I came here to win, and now it feels great! I trained really hard in the last times and I was pretty confident about myself.”

“It’s not up to me if I’ll represent Italy also at the Shotgun World Championship in Moscow, I just have to think about crushing the targets,” he continued. “But to have the chance to train and compete against top-level shooters like Gabriele Rossetti or Riccardo Filippelli is already a great encouragement. We’re definitely one of the best teams in the world.”

USA’s Thompson finished the match with 53 hits and the Silver medal around his neck, besting his previous best placement in a World Cup: 5th in three different stages between 2008 and 2014. The men’s Skeet Bronze secured in Acapulco is Thompson’s first career World Cup medal and it seals the top of the medal ranking for the United States of America.

The Bronze medal was delivered to Australia’s 24-year-old Paul Adams, who crushed 43 clays and placed 3rd for the second consecutive time, after pocketing the Bronze at the first stage of the 2017 ISSF World Cup Series in New Delhi.

Germany’s 22-year-old Felix Haase, placed just outside of the podium, crushing 33 targets and missing the medal in his first final participation in an ISSF World Cup.

Competing for the first time on the international shooting sport scene, Wan Antao (32) of the People’s Republic of China finished in 5th place with 25 hits out of 30 targets. Previously, he emerged form a six-way shoot-off to grab the only spot remaining in the final.

The Mexican 21-year-old Carlos Segovia Gonzalez from Monterrey was the first to leave the match after 20 targets. After qualifying with the second highest score, Segovia Gonzalez singed his first World Cup participation with a 6th place and 15 target hits.

The 2017 ISSF World Cup Series will now resume next month with the ISSF World Cup Stage 3, scheduled in Larnaka (CYP) from April 28th to May 8th.
1. SABLONE Marco
3. ADAMS Paul

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RESULTS BOOK of the ISSF World Cup Shotgun, in Acapulco - MEX


Results Certification Letter
ISSF Technical Delegates and ISSF Juries
Competition Officials
Final Competition Schedule
Entry List by Number
Medalists by Event
Medal Standings
Records Broken / Equaled
  Final Results

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Kimberly Rhode goes double figures, clinches her 10th World Cup Gold in women’s Skeet


Final Skeet Women

ISSF World Cup Shotgun · Acapulco, MEX
The legendary United States’ shooter keeps dominating the women’s Skeet event, securing her third consecutive Gold medal after the ones she won at the 2016 ISSF World Cup Final in Rome (ITA) and at the first World Cup stage of the season in New Delhi (IND).
Unbelievable. There’s no other words that can properly describe the moment that United States’ Skeet shooter Kimberly Rhode is going through right now.

In Acapulco (MEX), the 37-year-old six-time Olympic medalist won another World Cup Gold medal: the 10th of her amazing career in this event, and the third at the Club de Caza, Tiro y Pesca de Acapulco.

“Despite that, I still get the thrill of the victory when it happens,” she confessed after the medal ceremony. “This place especially, it just feels like home. The weather, the hot temperature and California being just one hour away. It’s always great to win here in Acapulco.”

Rhode, who qualified for the final match with the 4th best score of 70 target hits out 75, claimed the lead of the final midway through it, as her teammate and then Silver medal winner Caitlin Connor missed X clays in the central section of the match.

“Our team is surely among the top teams in the world, and what I think it makes it unique is the deepness. With Caitlin, Katie and Morgan we always have each other’s back, and we’re always pushing each other to get better everyday.” She added.

Rhode finished with 54 target hits, while 26-year-old Connor claimed the Silver medal with 53, the 4th ISSF World Cup medal of her young career.

On the third step of the podium, clinching her first career World Cup medal in her second overall participation, Cao Yi (23) of the People’s Republic of China hit 41 targets and pulverized the 16th place she claimed in New Delhi (IND) in the first stage of the 2017 ISSF World Cup Series. Cao’s Bronze is the first medal pocketed by China in Acapulco.

The third United States’ final participant, Katharina Monika Jacob placed just outside of the medal positions, closing the match in 4th place with 30 target hits and setting a new Junior World Record. Jacob was followed by Italy’s 41-year-old Chiara Costa, participating in her second career World Cup stage, who landed in 5th place with 22 hits.

The first shooter to be eliminated after the opening 20 targets was Germany’s 21-year-old Katrin Wieslhuber, European Championship Silver medalist in Maribor (SLO) in 2015, who placed in 6th position with 14 target hits.

The ISSF World Cup Stage 2 in Acapulco will conclude tomorrow with the Skeet Men final match, scheduled at 2:00 pm (UTC-6:00). The final will be streamed live on the ISSF website, on its Livestream channel and on its official Facebook page.

News and updates about the competition will be available on issf-sports.org and on the many social media platforms of the Federation: FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeWeibo and Youku.
1. RHODE Kimberly
2. CONNOR Caitlin
3. CAO Yi

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