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sexta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2018

New ISSF Leadership’s first decision: 10M USD fund to develop the sport

President Vladimir Lisin will contribute with his personal means, while the Industry is invited to make further contributions.
Vladimir Lisin, the newly elected ISSF President, decided to establish a Development Fund that will not depend on the money the ISSF has received or will receive from the IOC. 

To begin with, he has committed to contribute USD 10.000.000 (ten million) of his personal means for the quadrennium 2019-2022. This money will be transferred to the ISSF accounts not later than 10 January 2019.

The Industry is invited to make further contributions - financial or material. 

According to the President's plan, there will be three groups of grantees. The Member Federations that need assistance in developing the shooting sport in their countries. The Member Federations that get Quota Places for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The athletes who lead the ISSF ranking by the end of the year. 

The conditions of rendering assistance or establishing grants will be determined by the ISSF Executive Committee. 

The Development Fund will be run by the Board of Trustees. 

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terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2018

Renewed leadership emerges from the 68th ISSF General Assembly

ISSF Administrative Council Meeting · Munich, GER
All five continents and more than 40 nations are represented in the newly elected ISSF bodies.
The new ISSF leadership that emerged from the 68th ISSF General Assembly is completely renewed and shows diversity, as all continents are represented. 

Out of 99 elected officials, one third (32) are new to the job, not having served in ISSF bodies in the previous term. 

Gender representation within the governing bodies of the Federation sees now 23 elected female officials (in addition to the three women shooters elected in the ISSF Athletes Committee, during the 2018 ISSF World Championship in South Korea). 

The geographical representation is also ensured, as 42 countries from all five continents were elected. 19 official represent Asia, three come from Africa, 13 from the Americas, 60 from Europe, and four from Oceania

The first meeting of the newly elected ISSF Administrative Council took place on 2 December, at the Hilton Park Hotel in Munich, under the leadership of the ISSF President Vladimir Lisin and of the ISSF Secretary General Alexander Ratner. 

The meeting elected the 5 Members from the Administrative Council to serve in the ISSF Executive Committee for the period of four years, and the members of the Section Committees.

They joined the other ISSF officials elected during the 68th ISSF General Assembly held at the Hilton Park Hotel in Munich (GER) on the 30 November and 1 December. 

Continental Confederations Representatives: 
  • President African Shooting Federation: Ahmed HAZEM HOSNY (EGY)
  • President Shooting Confederation of the Americas: Carlos SILVA MONTERROSO (GUA)
  • Nominee Asian Shooting Confederation: Ali Mohammed AL KUWARI (QAT)
  • Nominee European Shooting Confederation: Anna LESHCHIKOVA (RUS)
  • President Oceania Shooting Federation Ewen PIRIE (NZL)

ISSF Executive Committee members elected by the ISSF Administrative Council:
  • Alexandros DIMAKAKOS (GRE)
  • Catherine FETTELL (AUS)
  • Pekka KUSSISTO (FIN)
  • LEE Dalgon (KOR)

ISSF Technical Committee - Chairman: Jörg BROKAMP (GER) 
  • Robert ALYWARD (USA)
  • Wilhelm-Xaver GRILL (GER)
  • Paul GUMN (GBR)
  • Petros KYRITSIS (CYP)
  • Jadranka STRUKIC (CRO)

ISSF Rifle Committee - Chairman: David GOODFELLOW (GBR)
  • Pietro FENATI (ITA)
  • FUJII Wataru (JPN)
  • Wanda JEWELL (USA)
  • Wolfgang KINK (GER)
  • LEE Eun Chul (KOR)

ISSF Pistol Committee - Chairman: Susan ABBOTT (USA)
  • Mitja GRGIC (SRB)
  • Alfredo LALIA FILHO (BRA)
  • Sharon REYNOLDS (AUS)
  • Tarek SHARARA (EGY)
  • Ursula STÄUBLE (SUI)
  • Stewart WATTERSON (GBR)

ISSF Shotgun Committee - Chairman: Demetris LORDOS (CYP)
  • Bhattakarka BUNNAG (THA)
  • Melis GIRAUD (TUR)
  • Bodo GISSKE (GER)
  • Gleniss LAWRANCE (AUS)
  • Panagiotis THEMELIDIS (GRE)
  • Mohamed WAHDAN (EGY)

ISSF Running Target - Chairman: Claes JOHANSSON (SWE)
  • Marc HEYER (AUT) 
  • Christian HUNZINGER (FRA)
  • LEE Kwan Choon (KOR)
  • Matthias MAIL (GER)
  • Zeljko MILAS (CRO)
  • Elvira VALANT (SLO)

ISSF Judges Committee - Chairman: Peter UNDERHILL (GBR)
  • Ghislaine BRIEZ (FRA)
  • Patrik JOHANNSSON (SWE) 
  • Christian MICHAEL (GER)
  • Raul Daniel SIMO (ARG)
  • Pawankumar SINGH (IND)
  • Kostakis XENOFONTOS (CYP)
  • YU Haijuan (CHN)

ISSF Statutes and Eligibility Committee - Chairman: Biserka VRBEK (CRO)
  • Altankhuyag CHULUUNBAT (MGL)
  • Ivana ERTLOVA (CZE)
  • Jon Richard LEECH (GBR)
  • Alessandro OLIVERIO (ITA)
  • Ingrid STUBSJOEN (NOR)

ISSF Medical Committee - Chairman: Dr. James LALLY (USA)
  • Dr. Cathy ARNOT (USA)
  • Dr. Rolf BODIN (SWE)
  • Jean COLEMAN (GBR)
  • Dr. Patrice DANDINE (FRA)
  • DOUMOTO Takashi (JPN)
  • Prof. Nevin ERGUN (TUR)
  • Dr. Francesco FAZI (ITA)
  • Dr. Evgenia IVANOVA (RUS)
  • LEE Dr. Kwon Ho (KOR)
  • NARANJARGAL Tsogtsaikhan (MGL)
  • Dr. Stefan NOLTE (GER)
  • Dr. Neda NOZARI (IRI)
  • Dr. Dingpal RANAWAT (IND)

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domingo, 2 de dezembro de 2018

ISSF General Assembly, day-2 wrap-up: this is the new leadership of Shooting sport

68th ISSF General Assembly · Munich, GER
The ISSF Administrative Council, the Chairman of the Technical Committee, the Chairmen of the Sections Committees, the Auditors and the Honorary Members were elected today, under the guidance of the new ISSF President Vladimir Lisin.
Day-2 of the ISSF General Assembly in Munich was opened by the newly elected ISSF President Vladimir Lisin (RUS), who welcomed the delegates of over 130 member federations on his first day in office.  

Yesterday, 30 November, Mr. Lisin became the 7th President in the 111-year history of the federation, as he won the votes of the Assembly. He succeeded to Mexico’s Olegario Vázquez Raña, who was elected honorary president as he stepped back after leading the body for 38 years. 

Alexander Ratner (RUS) joined him at the lead of the federation as Secretary General position, taking over the seat held by retiring Franz Schreiber of Germany. President Lisin and Secretary General Ratner worked together (in the same positions) in the European Shooting Confederation since 2013, proving to be a winning team. 

Day-2 of the ISSF General Assembly saw the conduction of several votes, and various decisions were taken by the delegates. 

The new ISSF Administrative Council
This morning, delegates of more than 130 member federations elected the 15 new Administrative Council members (in alphabetical order):

  • Christina AHLSTEDT (SWE)
  • Ali DADGAR (IRI)
  • Alexandros DIMAKAKOS (GRE)
  • Catherine FETTELL (AUS)
  • Egbert IJZERMAN (NED)
  • Pekka KUUSISTO (FIN)
  • LEE Dal-gon (KOR)
  • LIANG Chun (CHN)
  • György NAGY (HUN)
  • Hugues SENGER (FRA)
  • Gerardo TROTTA (VEN)
  • Michael VAZ (SGP)
  • Hans-Heinrich VON SCHÖNFELS (GER)

Chairmen of the ISSF Committees
The General Assembly also re-elected Mr. Jörg BROKAMP (GER) as the Chairman of the ISSF Technical Committee, Mr. Böck SIEGFRIED (AUT) and Mr. Alexandros DIMAKAKOS (GRE) as the new ISSF Auditors, and the Chairmen of the Section Committees

  • ISSF Rifle Committee: David GOODFELLOW (GBR)
  • ISSF Pistol Committee: Susan ABBOTT (USA)
  • ISSF Shotgun Committee: Demetris LORDOS (CYP)
  • ISSF Running Target Committee: Claes JOHANSSON (SWE)
  • ISSF Judges Committee: Peter UNDERHILL (GBR)
  • ISSF Statutes and Eligibility Committee: Biserka VRBEK (CRO)
  • ISSF Medical Committee: Dr. James LALLY (USA)

The General Assembly also elected Mr. Derek IVY (GBR) as an Honorary Member by unanimous decision. Ivy served as a member of the Pistol Committee from 1984 to 1996 and as a Member of the ISSF Administrative Council from 2006 to 2018, and chaired the ISSF Judges Committee from 1998 to 2006. 

The elected officers join the new leadership team of the ISSF, along with President Lisin, Secretary General Ratner, and Vice-Presidents Kevin Kilty (IRL), Raninder Singh (IND), Robert Mitchell (USA) and Wang Yifu (CHN).

2019 ISSF Shotgun World Championship
Delegates selected the host of the 2019 ISSF Shotgun World Championship, after hearing the presentation of Italy, Cyprus and Spain. The bid of Lonato (Italy) won the votes of the Assembly, proposing a championship to be held at the well-known Trap Concaverde shooting club on the shores of the Garda Lake, in north Italy. The dates of the Championship will be decided - and communicated on this website - later on. 

ISSF Competitions
The General Assembly decided to postpone the review of the ISSF Competitions Calendar (and the world championship scheduling) for the Olympic cycle 2021-2024 to a possible ISSF Extraordinary General Assembly to be held in 2019. 

Concerning the current Olympic cycle (2016-2020), and upon a proposal of the German Shooting Federation, the planned 2020 Junior World Cup to be hosted in Suhl (GER) was upgraded to an ISSF Junior Wolrd Championship. 

The 2019 ISSF Junior World Cup planned to be held in Lima (PER) was canceled. 

Tokyo 2020 report
The General Assembly received an update on the preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games by Mr. Peter Underhill. Tokyo 2020 Shooting sport events will be held at the Asaka shooting venue, located 23 Km from the Olympic Village, some 50 minutes drive. This will be a temporary venue set in a green area at some 4km from the town of Asaka, studied for the maximum sustainability. The Shooting venue will provide a combined 10-meter / 50-meter range and a combined 25-meter / Finals Hall. Three combined Trap and Skeet layouts surrounded by a lead-recoil net will be constructed for the conduction of Shotgun events. The competitions will be conducted over 11 days, from 25 July to 3 of August 2020. The test event is planned to take place in April 2020.

Tomorrow: the first meeting of the Administrative Council
Tomorrow, 2 December, a new era for the ISSF will officially start, as President Lisin leads his first ISSF Administrative Council, here at the Hilton Park Hotel in Munich, Germany. The Council will be asked to vote for the members of the Section Committees and to form the Executive Committee. 

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sexta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2018

Retiring ISSF Secretary General Schreiber: “become united again” - Vice-President Gary Anderson steps down: “wish a bright future to our sport”

68th ISSF General Assembly · Munich, GER
Mr. Franz Schreiber shared a farewell message with the Shooting sport family, on his last day of service as ISSF Secretary General.
At the 2018 ISSF General Assembly in Munich, today, retiring Secretary General Franz Schreiber (who did not stand for re-election) shared a farewell message with the Shooting sport family, while at the same time offering his support to the new management for the transition period. 

During his report to the General Assembly, Mr. Schreiber said: 

“I will not stand for re-election. I will fall back to my CEO position. In this position I will be available for a transition period.” 

“Please have only the sport on your agenda. Please leave politics out of your agenda. Please become united again.”

In a farewell message to the Shooting Sport family, which will be published in full in the next ISSF News Magazine, Mr. Schreiber said:

“I did not stand for re-election. Friends and colleagues asked me several times why I took this decision. And indeed, it hasn’t been an easy one,” 

“It is no secret that this four letters, “ISSF”, represented more than simply a job for me. My family has been bounded to the history and to the life of the Federation since President Olegario Vazquez Raña took office in 1980, along with my father Horst Schreiber. I have been serving in the position of Secretary General since 2010 and throughout my career I dedicated 38 years to the federation, which is more than half of my life.”

“When President Olegario Vázquez Raña announced he was going to retire at the end of 2018, I decided not to stand for re-election. I decided that it was time for a change in my life, time to leave space to a new leadership, time to stop and to spend some quality time with my beloved family and to take care of my health.”

“I am proud of the job that I have done and I am grateful for the trust I have been enjoying from President Olegario Vázquez Raña and from the whole Shooting sport family in all these years.”

“In my capacity as Secretary General, I have no doubts that we are passing forward a fully functional, healthy and modern Federation. In these years, our efforts were directed to improve the regulations of the sport, to implement an effective anti-doping system and to state our educational role through the ISSF Academy and the ISSF Workshop for Championship Organizers. We invested in communication, social media, TV distribution, branding and youth programs, in order to keep up with the changing environment. At the same time, the ISSF fostered its transparency and governance, and strengthened its ties with international bodies.”

“While leaving, I wish unity to the Shooting sport family. We are one of the oldest sport, one of the oldest federations in the world, and I am sure that if we stand united, we have a bright future in front of us.” 

“I would like to take this chance to thank all the friends, all colleagues, volunteers, freelancers and the ISSF staff members that have been sharing all this with me in the last 38 years. We had been a great team and we delivered! I would also like to publicly acknowledge thanks and much appreciation to my family for being part of this. My wife Brigitte, my daughter Franziska, my brother Wolfgang and my mother always supported me. Finally and most importantly, I thank Mr. Olegario Vazquez Raña for his leadership, support and trust!”

“Good luck to the new leadership and to the whole ISSF!”

Vice-President Gary Anderson steps down: “wish a bright future to our sport”

68th ISSF General Assembly · Munich, GER

The two-time Olympic Champion retires after being part of the shooting sport movement for 60 years.
As the 2018 ISSF General Assembly meets in Munich to elect its new officers, long-standing ISSF Vice-President Gary Anderson (USA) was not a candidate for re-election. 

The 2-time Olympic Champion, 7-time world champion, and 2-time Pan American champion were first elected in the ISSF (UIT at that time) Administrative Council in 1978, along with President Olegario Vàzquez Raña. He was then elected in the ISSF Executive Committee in 1980 and became ISSF Vice-President in 1990. 

While retiring after serving the Federation for 40 years, 79-year old Anderson addressed a farewell message to the Shooting sport community. The full text of the message will be published in the next ISSF News Magazine edition. 

Mr. Anderson’s message reads: 

“This General Assembly concludes my 60-year international Shooting career that began as an athlete and subsequently encompassed 40 years of service as an elected ISSF official. My farewell message to you is a message of thankfulness for the experiences I have had and the opportunities I was given to serve our sport.”


“For the past 38 years, I have been privileged to be part of an ISSF leadership team that made the changes necessary to transform our sport into a modern Olympic sport.  Under Olegario Vázquez Raña’s leadership, Shooting changed from being an endangered Olympic sport to becoming a big, highly respected and enduring Olympic sport.  Shooting changed to become a full gender equal sport.  Shooting became a spectator sport, with dynamic start-from-zero finals and real-time electronic targets.  The introduction of new women’s and air gun events changed Shooting into a world sport with universality in participation and governance.”


“Now our era as ISSF leaders is ending and it is time for a new generation of leaders.  As we say farewell to the ISSF, I believe President Olegario Vázquez Raña, Secretary General Schreiber and other members of our leadership team can step down knowing the ISSF and Shooting are stronger and better positioned as an Olympic sport.”

“Living through 60 years as an athlete, national federation leader, and ISSF official may seem like a long time, but these years have gone swiftly. I am sincerely grateful for the experiences I have had and the wonderful people with whom I have served. I want to recognize now-departed ISSF leaders who encouraged and mentored me, especially Secretary General Horst Schreiber and Executive Committee members Bjorn Schüllstrom and Bernhard Fischer. I owe an immense debt of gratitude to Olegario Vázquez Raña for the loyalty, friendship and support he has given me. I owe another huge thank you to outgoing Secretary General Franz Schreiber for the close friendship and collaboration we have enjoyed.  A special thank you must go to my wife Ruth Ann and our two children, Kirsten and Erik, who often had to sacrifice time with their husband and father so the ISSF work could be done.”

“And to all members of the shooting sports family, thank you and best wishes for a bright future for our great sport!”

Vladimir Lisin is the new ISSF President

68th ISSF General Assembly · Munich, GER
The ISSF General Assembly elected him as the 7th President of the Federation, following the 38-year long presidency of Olegario Vázquez Raña.
Vladimir Lisin (RUS) is the new ISSF President. He beat Italy’s Luciano Rossi in the succession to the 38-year long presidency of Olegario Vázquez Raña (MEX). 

In the ISSF General Assembly held today at the Munich Park Hotel in Munich, Germany, 136 member federations were present, in addition to 23 proxies, for a total of 159 represented federations and 292 votes, out of the maximum possible representation of 160 members, 147 countries, and 294 votes. 

Delegates awarded 148 votes to Mr. Lisin, and 144 votes to Mr. Luciano Rossi. A third candidate, the President of the Lebanon Shooting Federation Jalkh Boutros (LBN), withdrew his candidature yesterday, 29 November.

Mr. Vladimir Lisin (62) is a Russian entrepreneur holding Ph. Ds in Engineering and Economics, and the Chairman of one of the world’s leading steelmaking companies, NLMK Group. He practices shooting sport since the age of 14 and has been involved in the management of the sport for years. In 2002, Mr. Lisin became President of the Russian Shooting Union, and since 2009 he has been leading the European Shooting Confederation (ESC). From 2009 to 2013 he served as a member of the ISSF Administrative Council, and since 2011 he is the President of the Summer Olympic Sports Association of Russia. In 2013 he became a member of the ISSF Executive Committee, winning then the votes of the delegates at the 2014 ISSF General Assembly to become ISSF Vice-President. At the same time, he has been serving the IOC as a member of the IOC Commission for Culture and Olympic Education (2006-2014) and in the IOC Marketing Commission (2015- onward).  

Today, Mr. Lisin becomes the 7th President of the International Shooting Sport Federation, one of the oldest international federation, founded in 1907 as the UIT (Union Internationale de Tir). He succeeds Olegario Vázquez Raña, a Mexican entrepreneur and titled athlete who led the ISSF for 38 years. Vazquez Raña stepped back this morning, following a decision he had made public in 2014. He was nominated ISSF Honorary President, right after his farewell speech addressed to the Shooting sport family, today. 

In his speech, before the vote, Mr. Lisin said: 

“I don’t want to make empty electoral promises. There’s a lot of work to do for all of us. We should respect the interest of all federations and all continents.” 

“We will support member federation who really intend to develop Shooting sport in their countries. My recent trips to America and Africa showed there’s a lot to do. Our goal is not to increase the number of federations, but also to increase the competition level of those federations that already part of our family.”

Right after the result of the elections was announced, he added: “Thank you for your trust!”

The ISSF General Assembly must indeed continue, as the delegates are now called to elected the ISSF Secretary General, four ISSF Vice-Presidents, the new ISSF Administrative Committee, the Chairmen of the Sections Committees (Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Running Target, Judges, Statutes and Eligibility, Medical), the Auditors, and the ISSF Honorary Members.

On the agenda of the delegates, there is also the approval of the ISSF’s financial statements, a proposal for amendments to the ISSF Constitution, and - on day-2, 1st of December - the decision on the country to organize the 2019 ISSF Shotgun World Championship, and several other regulatory and administrative decisions. 

Posted by Thom Erik Syrdahl
Source ISSF Website.