Juiz Internacional de Tiro Esportivo, completando agora em janeiro, 40 anos de atividade.

quinta-feira, 31 de março de 2016

Convite para assistir a ISSF World Cup Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun Rio de Janeiro 2016




Convite para assistir a ISSF World Cup Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun Rio de Janeiro 2016

A CBTE - Confederação Brasileira de Tiro Esportivo terá a honra de contar com a sua presença na ISSF World Cup Rio de Janeiro que será realizada no período de 14 a 25 de Abril de 2016 no OSC (Olympic Shooting Center) / CNTE (Centro Nacional de Tiro Esportivo) em Deodoro, Rio de Janeiro.

Todas as provas olímpicas das modalidades de Carabina, Pistola e Prato serão disputadas nesse evento.

A entrada é gratuita para confederados da CBTE e seus convidados, bastando apresentar a carteira da CBTE no momento da entrada.

Por exigências legais haverá um limite diário de 500 espectadores assim como um espaço para estacionamento de veículos liberado somente para visitantes.

Para demais informações e esclarecimentos fazer contato pelo E-mail cbte@cbte.org.br

Fonte: Site da CBTE

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ISSF Rulebook: 4th Print available for download. The new rules are immediately effective.


Download the 4th Print of the ISSF Rulebook on the ISSF Website

The 4th Print of the ISSF Rulebook - dated March 2016 - is now published and available for download on the official ISSF website, at the address: http://www.issf-sports.org/theissf/rules.ashx

Changes to the 3rd Print are related only to the Code of Ethics (Annex CE) and the ISSF Eligibility, ISSF Commercial Rights and ISSF Sponsorship / Advertising Rules.

The new rules were approved by the ISSF Executive Committee on the 1st of March, and are immediately effective.

More information about the decisions taken by the Executive Committee are published here: http://www.issf-sports.org/news.ashx?newsid=2504

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Source - ISSF Website

terça-feira, 29 de março de 2016

FITAV Summer Camps 2016: for a champion summer!


The 3rd edition of the youth training camp will be held in Massa Martana, Italy, from August 10th to August 24th.

Registration is now open for the 3rd Edition of the FITAV Summer Camps which will be held between the 10th and the 24th of August at the TAV Umbriaverde of Massa Martana (ITA), aimed at young shooters of ages between 12 and 20 years old from all over the world.
Again, this year, the FITAV Summer Camps will be covered by a very strong team of coaches under the supervision of ISSF international A level coach Diego Gasperini.
The FITAV Summer Camps include shooting courses for the three Olympic disciplines, Trap, Skeet and Double Trap, divided into three basic parts: technical and tactical, athletic, mental.
The technical and tactical part is entirely taken care of by Mr. Diego Gasperini, assisted by the international ISSF B level coach Marco Micheli; the athletic part is held by prof. Fabio Partigiani, Italian national team physical trainer, while the mental part is followed by mental trainer Mr. Federico Di Carlo.
These figures will be accompanied by the internationally renowned expert in posture, Dr. Luca Russo by L’Aquila University, who will take care about the athletes postural and structural morphological analysis, a very important aspect according to the age of the young participants.
Every issue related to shooting will be illuminated during the FITAV Summer Camps, including a nutritional profile, where participants will follow a customized diet structured for each one of them.
FITAV Summer Camps include much more: hiking, archery, swimming, soccer, volleyball, spa and relaxation. This makes it a unique opportunity to share their passion with young boys and girls of different cultures, language and traditions.
Do not miss the opportunity to spend an unforgettable holiday by training like a true champion!

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quinta-feira, 24 de março de 2016

Fernandez wins all-Spanish gold medal-match in Trap Men - Nicosia CYP


Finals Trap Men

Fernandez wins all-Spanish gold medal-match, climbing atop of Nicosia’s Trap Men podium

ISSF World Cup Shotgun · Nicosia, CYP
He beat his teammate Bailon, securing the last Gold medal of the ISSF Shotgun World Cup in Nicosia, today.
The 2010 World and European Champion Alberto Fernandez of Spain won today’s Trap Men final, the last medal match of the 2016 ISSF Shotgun World Cup in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Madrid’s champion beat his teammate Antonio Bailon of Granada in an all-Spanish gold medal match. The duel was breathtaking: 15 targets were indeed not enough to separate them, as they both scored 11 hits, and they had to continue shooting for the brightest medal in a tie-breaker.

After they both hit the first shoot-off clay, Bailon missed his second target, letting Fernandez to climb atop of the podium.

The 32-year old shooter, ranked 7th in the world, had already won four world cup medals in his career, including two golds, before today’s match. Bailon (31), currently ranked 66th, had only won one world cup stage, two years ago, in Gabala.

Today’s tuned into a great test ahead of the Olympics: Spain has only one Rio 2016 Quota place in the Trap Men event, claimed by the same Fernandez last year. The Quota is assigned to the country, and it’s then the coach who decides who is going to compete in the Games.

“The decision is taken: Alberto will go the Rio,” confirmed the Spain’s head coach Jose Luis Perez, following today’s medal ceremony.

“It hasn’t been an easy match. The weather did not help us, with a lot of wind blowing during the final. It has been tough, and I feel really proud and a bit lucky that I made it,” said Fernandez, commenting his day. “I will be going to the next ISSF World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, which is an Olympic test event. It will be a very important match for me as I want to get ready for the Games.”

“Getting into the final with my teammate Bailon has been really great, even if I felt a bit nervous. He’s one of my best friends, as well as an excellent shooter. I am happy that we made it together, that we share today’s podium. I am proud of our team!”

The two Spanish teammates had tied also at the end of the semi-final with 13 hits out of 15 targets, and they had to pass through a shoot-off against Turkey’s Yavuz Ilnam (29) to advance to the medal match.

After loosing the shoot-off, Ilnam met the reigning Olympic Champion Giovanni Cernogoraz (CRO) in the Bronze match. The neck and neck duel ended up in favor of the 33-year old Croatian champion, who secured today’s Bronze with 13 hits to Ilnam’s 12.

Cernogoraz, who is qualified for Rio 2016, is considered one of the favorites in the run up of the Games. Currently ranked third in the world, he won the 2015 ISSF World Cup title six months ago, at the final held here in Nicosia last October.

Following the medal contenders, the two Italian teammates Luca Miotto (20) and Daniele Resca (29) closed the semi-final in 5th and 6th places, respectively. The two shooters had led the qualifications, placing atop of the scoreboard with an equal score of 122 hits out of 125 targets. But tables turned as the semi-final began: Resca missed his first four targets, one after the other, and two more clays in the second half of the match, ending up with a score of 9 hits. Miotto nailed five zeroes throughout the semi-final, closing with 10.

The Trap Men Final concluded the 2016 ISSF Shotgun World Cup in Nicosia, where 373 athletes coming from 61 countries competed in the five Olympic Shotgun events.

The ISSF World Cup Series moves now on to Rio de Janeiro (BRA), where a combined world cup stage in rifle, pistol and shotgun events will be held from the 13th through the 25th of April, serving as an Olympic test events.

1. FERNANDEZ Alberto
2. BAILON Antonio
3. CERNOGORAZ Giovanni
VIDEO - Finals Trap Men

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terça-feira, 22 de março de 2016

World Champion Craft (USA) upsets Cyprus flag bearer to win Skeet Women Gold in Nicosia

Finals Skeet Women

ISSF World Cup Shotgun · Nicosia, CYP
The American athlete shot a perfect medal match, beating Cyprus’ Andri Eleftheriou to claim her first world cup gold in career. Her teammate Jacob took the Bronze. Reigning Olympic Champion Rhode finished in 6th.
World ranking’s leader Morgan Craft of USA won today’s Skeet final at the ISSF World Cup in Nicosia, upsetting the home champion Andri Eleftheriou in the Gold medal match.

Craft, 22, left no chances to her opponent, scoring 16 out of 16 targets in the match, securing the first world cup gold medal of the season, which also turned out to be her first world cup victory in career.

Eleftheriou, 31, closed the match in second place, with 15 hits, after missing a clay on station four.

Craft started-off the competition with a perfect 25 during this morning’s qualifications, making it into the semi-final with 71 hits.

At the end of the semi-final, with a tally of 14 hits, she had to pass through a three-way shoot-off to access the gold medal match, beating her 16-year old teammate Katharina Monika Jacob.

Craft is considered the best Skeet Women shooter of the world. In 2015, she pocketed two world cup medals in Larnaca (Bronze) and Gabala (Silver), and won the ISSF World Championship held in Lonato. In October then, here in Nicosia, she sealed a great season with a world cup final Bronze medal.

Her sights are now clearly set on Rio 2016, as she has already qualified last year, through her world championship victory. 

“The pressure is off, to make the Olympic team. It was such a relief to make the team at last year’s world championship,” says Craft. “ Making it into the team for Rio was a goal of mine for the past eight years. Over the next three months I will be competing at the Rio test event and at the ISSF World Cup in San Marino, trying to get as much experience as I can before the Games, because I feel that makes me better.”

“Today it was great, overall. Considering that this is the first world cup of the year, I couldn’t be happier!”

“Going into the final with two teammates of mine was awesome. We were 50% of the final, actually.  Our secret? Our great coaches, the program we have grown up through, and the fact that we have so much talent in USA: we push each other and make each other better.”

Craft’s teammate Jacob, at her first participation in a world cup event, claimed today’s Bronze by beating London 2012 Olympic Bronze medallist Danka Bartekova of Slovakia (31) by 14 to 12 hits.

The young American shooter is coached by the father of the two-time Olympic Champion Vincent Hancock, Craig. Actually, she moved to Hancock family’s house two years ago, where she lives now, sleeping in Vincent’s former bedroom.

“Craig is a great coach, I give him so much credit for everything I have been able to accomplish. He has been training me since 2012. Today’s competition has been amazing!” Jacob said.

Thailand’s Sutiya Jiewchaloemmit (29) took the 5th place with a semi-final score of 13+5 hits, as she lost a shoot-off against Bartekova to access the Bronze medal match. She was followed by the reigning Olympic Champion, USA’s Kimberly Rhode (34), who closed the match in 6th with 10 hits.

The last event of this ISSF Shotgun World Cup in Nicosia, the Trap Men competition, will start tomorrow (March 23rd) with the first qualifications day. The Final will take place the following day, March 24th, at 3.00 PM (UTC+2). Stay tuned onwww.issf-sports.org to follow the qualification’ results live.

1. CRAFT Morgan
3. JACOB Katharina Monika

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segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2016

Lebanon’s Trap shooter Bassil secures first world cup gold in career in Nicosia

Finals Trap Women
ISSF World Cup Shotgun · Nicosia, CYP
Fighting against the wind, she beat Germany’s Scheibl in a thrilling gold medal match to secure her first world cup medal at the ISSF World Cup in Nicosia, today. World Champion Galvez (ESP) ended up on the third step of the podium.
Today it turned out to be Ray Bassil’s day, at the Cyprus Olympic Shooting Range of Nicosia, where the first ISSF Shotgun World Cup stage of the season is held from the 17th through the 24th of March.

The 27-year old Lebanese shooter claimed the women’s Trap gold, securing her first world cup medal in career, shooting a great final in a windy day.

Bassil, ranked 20th in the world in this event, made it to the final phases of the competition by passing through a four-way shoot-off at the end of the qualification rounds, with a score of 68+1 hits.

She then gave her best in the semi-final, scoring 14 out of 15 targets, to end atop of the table.

In the Gold medal match, she met and beat Germany’s Sonja Scheibl, in spite of missing three targets.

The two athletes battled in the wind throughout the whole match, Bassil taking an early lead in the first half of the match, and Scheibl climbing back after the first 12 targets.

But Bassil turned out to be unbeatable: shuttering her last two targets, she claimed today’s Gold with a score of 12 hits, leaving Scheibl in second place with 10.

Scheibl, who had qualified with 70 hits and hit 13 targets in the semi-final, collected Silver, her second world cup medal in career (the first one being a Bronze won here in Nicosia back in 2013).

Bassil had never won an ISSF World Cup medal, before. Her best achievement in an ISSF-sanctioned competition had been a junior Bronze medal, won at the 2007 ISSF World Championship conducted on the very same layout here in Nicosia.

“I had won that World Championship junior bronze here in Nicosia, and I had that thing in mind. I told to myself: ‘this is my range, and I have to win back my medal, any medal’, and I did it!” says Bassil.

“Waking up this morning I was really positive, knowing that I would give my best. It has been a long day, but a really wonderful one!”

“It has been really windy, compared to the other days when I had a chance to train here. I managed the situation mentally: I never thought about it, I just focused on the exit of the targets, and stuck to the same routine for every clay.”

“Eventually, I had a very good final, I feel I am on the right track.”

“This is the result of teamwork. I really want to thank Daniele Di Spigno (a member of the Italian Double Trap team, ed.), who coached me through a couple of training camps and helped me to climb atop of the podium, today.”

The reigning world champion and current #1 in the world, Spain’s Fatima Galvez, 29, took today’s Bronze, beating Finland’s first-time finalist Mopsi Veromaa, 35, in the Bronze medal match, with a score of 13 to 9 hits. Galvez had qualified with 70 targets, and 10 hits in the semi-final.

World Rank’s #3 Alessandra Perilli of San Marino (28) and New Zealand’s Natalie Ellen Rooney (27) followed them in 5th and 6th place, with a semi-final score of 9 and 8 hits, respectively.

The ISSF Shotgun World Cup in Nicosia keeps on rolling: the Skeet Women final will take place tomorrow afternoon (March 22nd), at 4.15 PM (UTC+2). Follow the match live on www.issf-sports.org
2. SCHEIBL Sonja
3. GALVEZ Fatima

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ISSF World Cup Shotgun - Skeet Men- Nicosia, CYP

2000 Olympic Champ Milchev (UKR) pockets Skeet Gold in Nicosia: “ready for Rio!”

ISSF World Cup Shotgun · Nicosia, CYP
The 48-year old shooter beat Great Britain’s first-time participant Llewellin to secure the first skeet world cup gold of the season in Nicosia, Cyprus, in spite of the wind.
The 2000 Olympic Champion Mikola Milchev of Ukraine (48) won today’s Skeet Men Final at the 2016 ISSF Shotgun World Cup in Nicosia (CYP).

#Wind was the most used hashtag at the range, today. The gusts disturbed the shooters since the first qualification rounds, this morning, and that reflected on the scores, which turned out to be sensibly lower than the usual world cup averages.

Milchev, at his 52nd participation in an ISSF World Cup since 1986, took advantage of his long experience to climb up the scoreboard.

First he closed the qualifications in second, with 121 his out of 125 targets, and then shot a great semi-final, hitting 15 out of 16 targets.

Atop of the table, he met Great Britain’s 21-year old Ben William David Llewellin, who also scored 15 semi-final targets at his debut in a world cup competition.

The two athletes met in the Gold medal match, and dueled neck and neck right to the last target, when they ended up tied again, with 14 hits each.

In the following shoot-off for Gold, Milchev’s experience prevailed as the Ukrainian athlete scored 4 targets to Llewellin’s 3, securing the second world cup gold of his career.

21-year old Llewellin was left in second, gaining his first international medal.

Milchev had qualified to participate in the next Olympics last year, at the 2015 European Championship in Maribor, while Great Britain does not have a Quota place in the Skeet Men event.

“This is going to be my last Olympics. I will retire after Rio.” Milchev said after the award ceremony.

“The sport has been changing a lot in the last 16 years, since Sydney 2000. But the Olympics are always special, and I am still motivated as I was at my first participation. I have been working a lot to improve my results, and to get ready for Rio, I am looking forward to it!” Added the Ukrainian shooter, who competed in the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympics, missing London 2012.

“Today, I used my experience to cope with the wind, which affected the whole competition. There were no easy targets here,” he concluded. “It has been tough.”

The Bronze medal match saw world’s best Skeet shooter, USA’s 26-year old two-time Olympic champion Vincent Hancock (USA), losing to Spain’s 2011 world champion Juan Jose Aramburu (34).

Aramburu and Hancock survived a shoot-off against Denmark’s Jesper Hansen to access the medal match, as they had finished the semi-final with an equal score of 14 hits. Then, in the medal match, it was Hancock who missed first, losing two targets throughout the first two stations, giving Aramburu the chance to move into the lead.

The Spanish shooter zeroed in, and scored 15 targets, climbing onto the third step of the podium, to gain his third world cup Bronze in career. Hancock took the 4th place with 14 hits.

Denmark’s Jesper Hansen took the 5th place with 14 hits in the semi-final, plus 4+4 targets in the shoot-off. Egypt’s Azmy Mehelba closed the match in 6th with 13 hits in the semi-final.

1. MILCHEV Mikola
2. LLEWELLIN Ben William David
3. ARAMBURU Juan Jose
VIDEO - Finals Skeet Men

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domingo, 20 de março de 2016

Italy’s Double Trap shooter Chianese claims first Gold at ISSF Shotgun World Cup in Nicosia

Finals Double Trap Men
ISSF World Cup Shotgun · Nicosia, CYP
Passing through a shoot-off, he made it to the Gold medal match, where he beat USA’s Jeffrey Holguin. Australia’s James Willett secured today’s Bronze.
The 2016 ISSF Shotgun World Cup in Nicosia (CYP) has been opened by today’s Double Trap Men Final.

The first gold medal of the competition went to Italy’s 25-year old Alessandro Chianese, who climbed atop of the Double Trap podium beating the 2014 ISSF World Cup title winner Jeffrey Holguin of USA, 37, in the Gold medal match.

Chianese hit 28 targets out of 30, leaving Holguin in second with a score of 27 hits, after a thrilling duel. The Italian shooter had never won a world cup medal before, his best placement being a 4th place secured in Beijing in 2014.

The two athletes had to pass through a four-way shoot-off after the semifinal, as they tied with Germany’s Andreas Loew and Australia’s James Willett, with 28 hits.

In the following Bronze medal match, the winner of the 2015 Oceania Championship Willet, 20, beat 34-year old Loew with a score of 26 to 25 hits, pocketing his first world cup medal in career.

Guatemala’s Enrique Brol, 37, and Malta’s three-time Olympian William Chetcuti, 31, closed the semi-final in 5th and 6th places, respectively, with 27 hits each.

“The Rio 2016 Olympic team has already been picked, and I am not in. But nevertheless I tried to do my best here,” Chianese said after the match. “We are professionals and we love our sport, so we always aim at the best performance.”

“It has been a tough match. I struggled in my first qualification round, as I shot a 25. The wind was very tricky, and it took me a while to adapt. Then the rest of the competition run smoothly. Once I got into the final match, I told to myself ‘let’s have fun’, and I zeroed in.”

“I really wanted to end up with a good result. I had to pass through a shoot-off during today’s final, but I remembered what happened to me in Beijing in 2014 (when he was knocked out of the final in a tie-breaker, finishing 4th, ed.), so I kept calm and shoot each target trying to avoid the pressure.”

“I am spending half of the year in Australia, during the European winter, so I arrived here in Cyprus well prepared, even if it’s just the beginning of the season,” explained Chianese, who is married to the Australian shooter Stephanie Tigani. “After today’s victory, I will keep on working hard, and I will wait for another call of my coach Mirco Cenci. I am ready!”

373 athletes from 61 countries are competing in the ISSF Shotgun World Cup in Nicosia, Cyprus (the first Shotgun world cup stage of the season) from the 18th through the 24th of March.

The event will continue tomorrow with the Skeet Men Final. After the first qualifications day, the competition sees another Italian shooter, Luigi Lodde atop of the table, with a score 75 targets out of 75. The final will take place tomorrow (March 20) at 3.30 PM (UTC+2), and will be broadcasted live on www.issf-sports.org
1. CHIANESE Alessandro
2. HOLGUIN Jeffrey
3. WILLETT James

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The first Shotgun stage of the 2016 ISSF World Cup is about to start in Nicosia

ISSF World Cup Shotgun · Nicosia, CYP

From March 17th to March 25th shooters of the five Shotgun events will battle at the Nicosia Olympic Shooting Range in Latsia (CYP).
The first stage of the 2016 ISSF World Cup in Shotgun events will kick-off on Thursday, March 17th in Nicosia (CYP), where 373 shooters coming from 61 countries will pile up 379 total starts.

This year’s competition will mark the seventh time an ISSF World Cup stage is held in Nicosia, with the latest one taking place in 2013 and the other five being held between 1994 and 2001.

On Saturday, March 19th the first set of medals will be awarded in the Double Trap Men event, followed by the Skeet Men final on Sunday 20th, the Trap Women on Monday 21st and the Skeet Women on Tuesday 22nd.

The fifth and last final will then take place on Thursday, March 24th, when the Trap Men event will seal the inaugural stage of the 2016 Shotgun season.

Here’s the detailed schedule of the five finals:

Double Trap Men: Saturday 19th at 4:15 PM (UTC+2);
Skeet Men: Sunday 20th at 3:30 PM;
Trap Women: Monday 21th at 3:45 PM;
Skeet Women: Tuesday 22th at 4:15 PM;
Trap Men: Thursday 24th at 3:00 PM.

The 2016 ISSF World Cup Series already archived its first stage in Rifle/Pistol events, held in Bangkok (THA) from March 1st to March 9th, and it will continue with the first combined stage of the season in Rio de Janeiro (BRA), where a test event for the Olympic venues will take place from April 13th to April 25th.

News and live updates of the World Cup stage will be available on the ISSF official website and on its social media profiles: FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeSina Weibo and Youku.

Also, the five finals will be broadcasted live on the ISSF Livestream official channel.

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Geraldo Rosenthal conquista ouro na Copa do Mundo de Tiro Esportivo, em Bangkok, na Tailândia

Geraldo Rosenthal (à esquerda)  foi o campeão na prova P5. Ao seu lado, o coordenador técnico Fernando Cardoso
Geraldo Rosenthal (à esquerda) foi o campeão na P5. Ao seu lado, o coordenador técnico Fernando Cardoso

A Seleção Brasileira de tiro esportivo está em Bangkok, Tailândia, na disputa da Copa do Mundo da modalidade. Nesta quarta-feira, 16, segundo dia de competição, o destaque brasileiro foi o gaúcho Geraldo Rosenthal. Ele faturou o ouro na prova P5 (Pistola de Ar-10m Standard-Misto-SH1), ao marcar 549 pontos.
“Este ouro que volta para o Brasil, é, sem dúvida, a cereja do bolo. Por se tratar de uma forma mais dinâmica de tiro rápido, e por eu marcar um novo recorde brasileiro”, destacou o atirador.
Geraldo ainda ficou em 14º lugar na P1 (Pistola de Ar-10m-Masculino-SH1). Com 550 pontos, ele bateu a pontuação mínima de qualificação (MQS, em inglês) para os Jogos Paralímpicos do Rio-2016, competição em que ele já assegurou vaga.
Primeiro dia
Na terça-feira, 15, o Brasil iniciou a disputa da Copa do Mundo de Tiro Esportivo. Três atiradores já garantidos nos Jogos do Rio entraram em ação. Alexandre Galgani alcançou 622,7 pontos e ficou em sétimo na classificação final da prova R4 (Carabina de Ar-10m-Posição em pé-Misto-SH2). O resultado foi superior ao MQS pras Paralimpíadas, que é de 620 pontos.
Geraldo disputou a P3 (Pistola Sport-25m-Misto-SH1), mas não teve a mesma sorte das outras provas. Ele ficou em nono com 546 pontos e não foi à final. Superou o MQS, que era de 540. Na mesma prova, Debora Campos também não foi bem, e com 536 pontos levou o 14º lugar.
O coordenador técnico da modalidade, Fernando Cardoso Junior, fez uma avaliação otimista da estreia dos atiradores da Seleção. “Os resultados foram positivos do ponto de vista que essa é nossa primeira competicão no exterior em 2016. Estamos iniciando um ciclo de preparo dos atletas para os Jogos deste ano e teremos mais três dias de disputas para poder dar alegria ao povo brasileiro”, observou Cardoso.
Assessoria de imprensa do Comitê Paralímpico Brasileiro (imp@cpb.org.br)
Rafael Maranhão
Ivo Felipe
Nádia Medeiros
Rafael Moura
Thiago Rizerio
Elder Barros (estagiário)
Maria Louiza Oliveira (estagiária)
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