Juiz Internacional de Tiro Esportivo, completando agora em janeiro, 40 anos de atividade.

segunda-feira, 11 de setembro de 2017

Dear friends and followers of my Blog "Shooting Sport, a Worldwide Sport"

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Dear friends and followers of my Blog "Shooting Sport, a Worldwide Sport"

In the next few days, my blog will go into recess because I will be absent for a few days due to a spine surgery that I must undergo in two days.

I still do not know how many days I will have to stay away from my activities (hobby) in the maintenance of my Blog, but as soon as I am discharged by the doctor, I will return to this activity of spreading the news of our sport to all corners of the world , currently athletes from more than 200 countries visit my Blog.

This year was an important year and it makes me very proud, as I completed 40 years in the activity as a Shooting Judge licensed by the ISSF (1977 to 2017) under the number ISSF A 423 which shows the time of the activity. This is another story of my life that I will finish telling another day.

Thank you for your support, because without it, my blog would not survive.

Thom Erik Syrdahl

Presados amigos e seguidores do meu Blog “Tiro Esportivo um Esporte Mundial”

Nos próximos dias o meu blog entrará em recesso, pois estarei me ausentando por alguns dias devido à uma cirurgia de coluna que deverei me sub meter dentro de dois dias.

Ainda não sei quantos dias terei que ficar afastado das minhas atividades (hobby) na manutenção desse meu Blog, mas, tão logo eu tiver alta pelo médico, voltarei novamente para essa minha atividade de espalhar as notícias do esporte do tiro a todos os cantos do mundo, hoje, esportistas de mais de 200 países visitam o meu Blog.

Esse ano foi um ano importante e de muito orgulho para mim, pois completei 40 anos na atividade como Juiz de Tiro pela ISSF (1977 a 2017). O registro da minha carteira na ISSF (ISSF A 423) demonstra o tempo da atividade. Essa é uma outra história da mina vida que eu terminarei de contar outro dia.

Agradeço o apoio de todos, pois sem ELE o meu blog não sobreviveria,

Thom Erik Syrdahl 

2017 ISSF World Cup Shotgun closed in Moscow: medals and records

Closing Ceremony

ISSF World Championship Shotgun · Moscow, RUS
640 athletes from 76 countries competed in 22 events at the Fox Lodge, since the 30th of August. Italy finished atop of the medals standing. Team USA set two new world record. Team Russian Federation closed the event with a last-day victory on their home turf.
The 2017 ISSF World Championship Shotgun in Moscow Region, Russia, came to end today, September 10th. 

The championship saw some 640 athletes coming from 76 countries competing in 22 medal events, including separate junior events and the new Trap Mixed Team event recently approved by the ISSF and the IOC for inclusion in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. 

Today’s Skeet Mixed Team final won by the Russian Federation’s team concluded the action here at the Fox Lodge shooting range, where the event was held from the 30th of August until today. 

Team Italy finished atop of the overall medal standings, with an impressive total number of 17 medals out of 22 events, including 4 individual gold and 5 team gold medals. USA followed in second, with 12 medals, including 2 individual and 3 teams gold, while the host country - the Russian Federation - claimed 8 medals: 1 gold and 2 silver in individual events; 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze in team events. 

Team USA finished in the spotlights also for their record-breaking results. The women’s Skeet team (Kimberly Rhode, Dania Jo Vizzi and Caitlin Connor) set a new world record of 216 hits, one target more than the previous record. The US junior women’s Skeet team also broke their category’s world record - 206 hits - raising the limit up to 211 hits thanks to the combined efforts of Katharina Monika Jacob, Austen Jewell Smith and Samantha Simonton, who all finished on the individual event podium as well. Jacob also set a new world record in the individual event, scoring 48 targets to win the final. 

Speaking at the closing ceremony, the ISSF Technical Delegate, Mr. Petros Kyritsis, said: 

“On behalf of the ISSF I would like to congratulate the winners and the participants of this world championships. We hope to see you all at the next ISSF World Championship in all events that will take place in Changwon, Korea, in 2018. We also thank all the members of the organizing committee, the Russian Shooting Union and its President, Mr. Vladimir Lisin, for this excellent competition. Spatziba!”

The ISSF Vice-President and President of the Russian Shooting Union, Mr. Vladimir Lisin, said: 

“I would like to congratulate the athletes for their great results, and the organizing committee’s members for their hard work. I would like to thank the spectators for cheering up for our participants, and the TV production for giving us such a spectacular and accurate coverage, and of course all the volunteers, the officiating team and the jury members. Thank you all!”

The 2017 ISSF season will now continue with ISSF World Cup Final in Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun events, to be held in New Delhi, India, from the 23rd through the 30th of October. The best shooters of the world, selected through this year’s ISSF World Cup series, will meet there the World Championship medalists and the title defenders, aiming at the crystal globes, the ISSF World Cup trophies. 

Click below on the Official Result Book  and you can see the medals standing, the medalists, and records 

 the ISSF Vice-President Vladimir LISIN and he ISSF Technical Delegate Petros KYRITSIS at the Closing Ceremony at the Foxlodge Shooting Range

Closing Ceremony

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Source ISSF Website

sábado, 9 de setembro de 2017

Olympic Champ Rossetti seals men’s Skeet triumph in Moscow

Final Skeet Men

ISSF World Championship Shotgun · Moscow, RUS

The Italian athlete prevailed at the end of a neck and neck duel against Germany’s Vincent Haaga and Cyprus’ Georgios Achilleos
The reigning Olympic Champion and world ranking’s #1 Gabriele Rossetti of Italy is the new men’s Skeet world champion. 

The Italian shooter scored 54 hits out of 60 targets to win today’s final, leaving Germany’s first-time finalist Vincent Haaga in second with 52 hits. 

The 2007 world champion, Cyprus’ four-time Olympian Georgios Achilleos, followed them in third place with 42 hits. 

Sweden’s Stefan Nilson took the 4th place with a score of 33 hits, as he missed two targets on his last station. The two Russian teammates Alexander Zemlin (the 2014 World Champion) and Nikolay Teplyy (the 2016 World Cup Champion) finished in 5th and 6th place with 25 and 11 hits, respectively.

22-year old Rossetti arrived here at the 2017 ISSF Shotgun World Championship in Moscow Region after a series of successes. In 2014 he became the ISSF junior world champion. One year later, in 2015, he won the ISSF World Cup Final in Nicosia, to then move on and climb atop of the Olympic Games podium in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. 

“This world championship has been more difficult than winning the Games.” Rossetti said after the award ceremony. 

“There are more athletes competing in the world championship. Hundreds of shooters. And everybody has a chance.” 

“I had a very difficult first qualification day,” added the Italian winner. “I made a couple of stupid mistakes. But I tried to stay calm. I did not waste time in looking at the rankings. I just went on, one shot after the other.”

“I only felt the tension during the last ten targets of the final. I was more nervous than in Rio. Even if I am the Olympic Champion, even if I am the number one in the world, every match is a new start, is a new challenge. And being the favorite is adding a bit of extra stress to the game.”

“This is an important medal. Especially after finishing second at the European Championship,” he continued. Rossetti had indeed won silver at the 2017 European Championship in Baku, finishing behind Milos Slavicek of the Czech Republic. “This is an only a step forward: my aim is to build a long and successful career through the years, one victory after the other.”

“I owe this medal to my federation and to my sponsors, and to my father.” Bruno Rossetti, an Olympic bronze medalist at Barcelona 1992, has been Gabriele’s coach since the early days. “He got me into the sport. He lifted me atop of the Olympic podium. And he is a big part also of today’s result.” 

Rossetti’s result lifted Italy (Rossetti, Tammaro Cassandro, Riccardo Filippelli) atop of the teams podium with a tally of 364 targets. The Russian Federation (Nikolay Teplyy Alexander Zemlin, Anton Astakhov) claimed silver with 363 hits, leaving the Czech Republic (Milos Slavicek, Jan Zemcnik, Tomas Nydrle) in third with 361. 

The 2017 ISSF Shotgun World Championship in Moscow Region, Russia, is due to be closed by the Skeet Mixed Team event, tomorrow, September 10. The medal matches will be broadcasted live on www.issf-sports.org and on the ISSF Facebook page, as well as televised through the Eurovision network, starting from 16.30 (GMT+3). 

1. ROSSETTI Gabriele
2. HAAGA Vincent
3. ACHILLEOS Georgios

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Source: - ISSF Website

Denmark Emil Kjelgaard Petersen claims the Skeet Men Junior throne in Moscow

Final Skeet Men Junior

ISSF World Championship Shotgun · Moscow, RUS

The 19-year-old Danish shooter added the junior world title to the Junior Bronze medal he won at the 2017 European Championship in Baku (AZE). Italy’s Elia Sdruccioli, who was also on the podium in Baku, where he took Silver, finished in 2nd place, while the Bronze medal went to Cyprus’ Nicolas Vasiliou.
On the second-to-last day of the ISSF World Championship in Moscow (RUS), one of the most exciting matches of the competition delivered the Skeet Men Junior title to Denmark’s 19-year-old Emil Kjelgaard Petersen.

The Danish shooter, currently in 29th position in the ISSF World Ranking, nailed an unbelievable streak of 32 consecutive hits midway through the match, finding himself in a battle against Italy’s 19-year-old Elia Sdruccioli, Gold medalist at last month’s ISSF Junior World Cup in Porpetto (ITA).

As they approached the ten final targets with 45 hits each, Sdruccioli missed twice on station 3 and 4, while Petersen only missed his very last clay, finishing with 54 hits out of 60 targets and adding the World Championship Gold to the Bronze he won at last month’s European Championship in Baku (AZE). The Italian talent, instead, took Silver 53.

After entering the final with the highest qualification score, two-time European Champion Nicolas Vasiliou (20) of Cyprus secured the Bronze medal with the score of 41 hits out of 50.

Vasiliou was followed by home favorite Mikhail Sharapov (20) of the Russian Federation, who held the lead in the early stage of the match, but only finished 4th with 34 clay hits out of 40, and 19-year-old Jaroslav Lang of the Czech Republic, who finished 13th at last month’s Junior World Cup in Porpetto (ITA) and placed 5th in Moscow, crashing 25 out of 30 targets.

After 20 targets, the first shooter to be eliminated was Kazakhstan’s Alexandr Mukhamediyev (18), who dramatically improved the 32nd place he nailed at the 2015 ISSF World Championship in Lonato (ITA), taking 6th place with 11 hits out of 20.

Silver medalist Sdruccioli also led Italy atop the team podium, along with Valerio Palmucci and Erik Pittini, scoring 353 points. The team Silver went to Turkey’s Kemal Madencioglu, Salih Hafiz and Onur Atak, who scored 348, while Nic Moschetti, Elijah Keith Ellis and Eli Nazaret Christman of the United States of America hit 345 total clays.

The ISSF World Championship Shotgun in Moscow (RUS) will conclude tomorrow with the twelfth and last final, the Skeet Mixed Team, scheduled at 4:30 pm (UTC+3:00). The medal matches will be streamed live on the ISSF website, on the Federation’s Livestream channel, on its official Facebook page and on the Olympic Channel.

Live results of the competitions, news and updates will be available on www.issf-sports.org and on all ISSF social media platforms: FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeWeibo and Youku.
1. PETERSEN Emil Kjelgaard
3. VASILIOU Nicolas

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Source: - ISSF Website

sexta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2017

USA’s Vizzi wins women’s Skeet tile in Moscow

Final Skeet Women

ISSF World Championship Shotgun · Moscow, RUS

As a junior shooter, she had won the 2014 World Championship. Today, she beat Russia’s Albina Shakirova to claim her first medal in the open category.
USA’s Dania Jo Vizzi became the new women’s Skeet world champion today, at the 2017 ISSF Shotgun World Championship in Moscow Region, Russia. 

The 22-year old athlete hit 54 out 60 targets to finish atop of the podium, beating Russia’s Albina Shakirova, who pocketed the silver medal by hitting 52 targets on her home turf. 

Cyprus’ Andri Eleftheriou took Bronze with 43 hits. 

“It feels amazing!” Said Vizzi, who had participated in three ISSF World Championships as junior - in 2013, 2014 and 2015 - always finishing on the podium (silver, gold, and bronze, respectively). 

“It was definitely really hard going from junior to open,” she added. “On one side it was sad, because I miss competing with all the juniors. At the same time it’s so amazing to be able to shoot with all these Olympic champions. It’s incredible.”

Vizzi shot the first part of the match chasing Eleftheriou, who held the first place right to the middle of the final. Then she moved up atop of the scoreboard as the Cypriot shooter started missing, defending her lead against Shakirova right to the last target. 

“During today’s final I was definitely nervous,” continued Vizzi. “The crowd really helped. I loved all the cheering. Even the music helped me, I really liked it. 

“My next step is the ISSF World Cup Final in India, in October.” 

“The main goal is the Olympics: Tokyo 2020. But I have a lot of steps before I can get there. I will take it one match at the time.” 

Today’s was the third consecutive women’s Skeet world title won by an US shooter. Brandy Drodz won the championship in Granada, in 2014. Morgan Craft in Lonato, in 2015. 

The US team confirmed its strength also today, by claiming the teams gold with a new world record of 216 targets, scored by Vizzi along with the three-time Olympic Champion Kimberly Rhode (4th in the individual event with 33 hits) and Caitlin Connor. 

Team Italy, led by the reigning Olympic Champion Diana Bacosi (5th in the individual event with 24 hits) secured silver, with a tally of 211 hits (Bacosi, Katiuscia Spada, Simona Scocchetti). 

The host country - the Russian Federation - followed them in third, as Albina Shakirova, Nadezda Konovalova and Anastasia Krakhmakeva marked a combined score of 209 targets. 

The 2017 ISSF Shotgun World Championships, which sees 640 athletes from 76 countries competing in 22 official medal events, will continue tomorrow with the men’s Skeet final. 

After the second day of qualifications, Russia’s Alexander Zemlin is leading the pack with an almost perfect score of 74 hits out 75 targets, tied to Milos Slavicek of the Czech Republic and Federico Gil of Argentina. The final match will take place tomorrow, at 6 PM (GMT+3). 

The Championship then is due to be closed on Sunday, September 10h, by the Skeet Mixed Team event. 

1. VIZZI Dania Jo
VIDEO - Final Skeet Women
VIDEO - Final Skeet Women
Marco Dalla Dea


dated September 9, 2017

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Brazilian Olympic medallist, Felipe Wu, tries shooting Para sport

a row of male athletes compete with rifles in shooting Para sport
Olympic silver medallist Felipe Wu (second from left) tries shooting Para sport for the first time© •  By IPC and Brazilian Shooting Federation

Felipe Wu takes on challenge of Paralympic sport at Rio 2016 venue

Brazilian shooting star Felipe Wu has returned to the scene of his Rio 2016Olympic silver medal for a very different experience of the sport. The 10-meter air pistol specialist took to a wheelchair to try the Paralympic version of his discipline alongside athletes from Brazil’s shooting Para sport team.
Wu – who became Brazil’s first shooting medallist since the 1920 Olympics last year - soon warmed to the challenge. He scored a 9 in his first shot before receiving a piece of advice from Sergio Vida, a gold medallist in the P3 - 25m Pistol (SH1) event. "Your left hand cannot be rested on anything so you need to adjust the wheelchair so as not to touch it,” explained Sergio.
After taking those instructions on board Wu scored a 10, just a tenth of a point less than what he needed to secure his Olympic silver medal in 2016. But despite his good performance Wu admitted he found the Paralympic technique difficult to master.
"That was really, really hard. It is definitely interesting to watch the Paralympic athletes in action. It is also amazing to see the Olympic venue packed with athletes after hosting the Rio 2016 Games. I hope this is just the first of many event to come", said Wu
The experience took place during the South American Shooting Championships, where
almost 40 Paralympic athletes from Brazil and Colombia are competing for the first time. The event runs until Wednesday (6 September) at the Deodoro ShootingCentre, the venue used at the Rio 2016 Paralympic and Olympic Games.

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Source: -  www.paralympic.org/news/brazilian-olympic-medallist-tries-shooting-para-sport

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The Russian shooter claims the Double Trap title for the host country in Moscow and the British young talent James Dedman, the new Junior World Champion.

Final Double Trap Men

ISSF World Championship Shotgun · Moscow, RUS

The Russian shooter beat India’s Mittal on the last two pairs, at the end of the 80-shot final.
43-year old Vitaly Fokeev of the Russian Federation claimed the men’s Double Trap world title on his home turf, today, at the 2017 ISSF Shotgun World Championship in Moscow Region. 

The four-time Olympian came back atop of the ISSF Wolrd Championship podium 11 years after winning the 2006’s edition in Zagreb, Croatia. 

Fokeev, supported by the crowd, won one of the most exciting finals of this world championship. He dueled against India’s Ankur Mittal through most of the match, in a cold, windy and rainy day here at the Fox Lodge shooting range. 

After 76 shots, the last two pair of targets decided the match. Mittal missed three clays out of four, while Fokeev zeroed in shattering three of them to finish atop of the podium with a score of 68 hits out of 80. 

25-year old Mittal, the winner of this year’s ISSF World Cup stage in Acapulco, claimed silver with 66 hits. 

Fokeev said: 

“As you can imagine I'm very happy to be the winner. It’s a special feeling to win in my home country. I felt the responsibility during the match, and now I feel very honored.”

“During the final I felt the support of the crowd, they were with me.” 

“Everybody told me that it has been an amazing competition. It’s great. It's a very important moment in my life!”

Beijing’s 2008 Olympic Bronze medalist Hu Binyuan of China secured Bronze with 50 hits, leaving Great Britain’s Metthew French in fourth with 42 hits. 

The two Italian finalists Antonino Barilla and Daniele Di Spigno closed the individual match in 5th and 6th places with 32 and 22 hits, respectively. Along with their teammate Alessandro Chianese they climbed atop of the teams podium with a total tally of 418 hits. 

The People’s Republic of China (Hu Binyuan, Chen Xinyu, Yang Yiang) followed in second claiming the teams silver with 416 hits, while team Russia (Vitaly Fokeev, Artem Nekrasov, Vasily Mosin) secured bronze with a score of 415. 

The 2017 ISSF Shotgun World Championship in Moscow Region, Russia, is due to continue in the next days with the Skeet events. The qualifications will start on the 7th of September. The women’s and junior women’s Skeet medals will be assigned on the 8th of September. The men’s and junior men’s Skeet finals will be held one day later, on the 9th of September, while the championship will be closed by the Skeet Mixed Team event on the 10th of September. 

1. FOKEEV Vitaly
2. MITTAL Ankur
3. HU Binyuan

Final Double Trap Men Junior

British talent James Dedman with the Double Trap world title

ISSF World Championship Shotgun · Moscow, RUS
In a final conducted under some tough weather conditions, Great Britain’s 19-year-old James Dedman secured the Double Trap Men Junior world title, besting Ahvar Rizvi of India and Qi Ying of the People’s Republic of China, who respectively took Silver and Bronze.
With rain pouring down since the early morning on the Foxlodge Shooting Range, the ISSF World Championship Shotgun in Moscow (RUS) delivered the Double Trap Men Junior world title today.

At the end of a nerve-wrecking and tough final, both for the bad weather conditions and the many misses, Great Britain’s James Dedman bagged his first world title, prevailing over India’s first-time finalist Ahvar Rizvi (17), who missed his very last target and allowed his rival to claim the Gold medal by just 1 hit: 67 to 66.

“This is by far my greatest achievement,” said the 19-year-old British at the end of the medal ceremony. “It feels amazing, I actually didn’t suffered the rain. I’m kind of used to these weather conditions!”

Dedman was accompanied by his father and personal coach Simon Dedman: “I really appreciate the support he’s giving me, traveling the world with me… This is the first season he coaches me, and he’s got a pretty good record so far!” Concluded Dedman, who also won the World Cup Bronze in New Delhi last February.

For Rizvi, who placed 10th in Lonato (ITA) in 2015, the World Championship Silver is the first career international medal.

After battling for the top position for most of the final, People’s Republic of China’s 20-year-old Qi Ying took 3rd place, after missing four costly targets in a row on his 21st and 22nd double. Ying, a Bronze medalist at this year’s World Cup stage in Acapulco (MEX), finished with 46 hits and the Bronze medal around his neck.

Qi was followed Australian shooter Mitchell Iles-Crevatin, who was eliminated after the 25th double and finishing in 4th place with 38 hits, and Russian Federation’s Viacheslav Yukhimenko (19), the 2015 Junior European Champion, who placed 5th with 30.

The second Indian finalist, Shardul Vihan, made his second appearance in a World Championship, entering the final after placing 11th in Lonato (ITA) two years ago. The 14-year-old took 6th place with 19 target hits.

On the team podium India’s Rizvi, Vihan and Shapath Bharadwaj climbed atop the podium, where they got the Gold with 401 hits; Italy’s Jacopo Duprè De Foresta, Eraldo Apolloni and Marco Carli of Italy followed in 2nd place with 389, while People’s Republic of China’s Qi, Zhang Changshuai and Cao Xudong took Bronze with 387.

The ISSF World Championship Shotgun in Moscow (RUS) will continue on Friday, September 8th with the Skeet Women Junior final, scheduled at 5:00 pm (UTC+3:00), and the Skeet Women final, taking place at 6:00 pm. Both finals will be streamed live on the ISSF website, on the Federation’s Livestream channel, on its official Facebook page and on the Olympic Channel.

Live results of the competitions, news and updates will be available on www.issf-sports.org and on all ISSF social media platforms: FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeWeibo and Youku.
1. DEDMAN James
2. RIZVI Ahvar
3. QI Ying

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Source ISSF Website