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21 October 2018

There were seen tears of joy and happiness when the Medal Matches were over in the SIUS European Youth League Final in Kisakallio, Finland. But one of the main things was that the athletes congratulated and thanked each others and hugs showed clearly that they had competed with friends.

Czech won the bronze medal after shoot-off in Air Pistol

Bronze matches were the events, which competed first in the morning. In the Air Pistol Bronze Match met Czech Republic and Italy. Czech team had a strong start and they were leading 28 -20 after eight shots. Then Italy started to shoot more calmly and when it was shot half of the shots (10), the Czech team was leading only with two points (there pairs and you compete against your pair, victory means 2 point) 31-29. 

After 11th shots Italy went first time to the lead and looked like that Italy is taking the victory. It was leading already with a difference 10 points. When athletes had shot 19 shots, the situation was still for Italy 60-54, the last shots to go. And what happened, Czech athletes won all their matches and took 6 points and game was tie 60-60. Shoot-off was needed. 

When the announcer told the results of the shoot-off shots the Czech team members were so surprised from victory that they didn’t believe it at once. Bronze to Czech Republic!

«I was too satisfied when we had so good start, so I thought that this will be an easy match. It backfired when I didn’t keep my concentration and I started to hesitate. Then I said to myself that I do not have anything to lose, only concentrate and relax. And then we started to climb up slowly», told Jan Vildomec from Czech team.

Italy won Sweden in Rifle Bronze Match

The Air Rifle bronze match Sweden-Italy was not as wavy as in Air Pistol. The Italian team ruled all the time, but the difference wasn’t big, but it was sure. Italy was leading all the time, but the difference was only maximum 10 points, nearly all the time, only about 4-5 point. After 19th shot Italy was leading by the difference of four points 55-59. The Swedish took two victories and lost one. It was not enough and meant that Italy won the Air Rifle bronze.

«We perhaps wanted the medals more, shooting was not so calm as usual and we were a little bit nervous, but we managed anyway keep the leading until to end», explained Sofia Benetti from the bronze team Italy.

Ukraine ruled the Air Pistol Gold Match

Pistol shooting is strong in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Youth League team show that there will be growing new champions behind the current masters. Ukraine was superior in their match and won Russian Federation with result 73-47. Ukraine ruled the whole gold match and when the athletes had shot half of the shots (10), Ukraine was leading already clearly 48-12. After 15th shot it was leading already 63-27.

The rest was history and beautiful victory for Ukraine with result 73-47. Silver to Russian Federation. The Ukraine Gold Match team consisted of Ihor Solovei, Hiib Kihitov and Mariia-Solomiia Vozniak. 

Russian team for superior victory in Air Rifle Gold Match

The qualification matches promised that the Gold Match Serbia-Russia will be very tight and exciting. After qualification rounds it looked that Serbia would be some kind of a favourite, so strong their performance was yesterday even they had one lost. But same did also Russian team yesterday.

But what happened in the Gold Match? Shortly not anything special. The Russian athletes ruled and won clearly (15-25, 15-25 and 16-24) their matches. The strength of team was that the team was a balanced team who had a good humour and spirit. 

Russian team took the lead from the first shot and kept it until to the end. Russian Federation won with result 74-46. The Russian team consisted of Tatiana Kharkova, Polina Bolotkova and Alexander Vasilyev.

All the medal teams of the both disciplines awarded of course with the medals, winners with fine challenge cups, but also with a personal gift from the ESC President Vladimir Lisin, with SIUS Ascor Electronic Scoring Targets (winner team 3 targets, silver two and bronze team one).

Next time in Budapest 2019

The short closing ceremony was organised just after the awarding ceremonies, in which Kerstin Bodin, former ESC Vice-President declared the Final event closed and welcomed the athletes to the next final, which will be organised in Budapest, Hungary, 2019.

«Then we have new rules and the World Championship will be added to the name of this event. This Final event was a nice 10th Anniversary Party», finished Bodin.

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Risto Aarrekivi

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Manu Bhaker

Gold, Women’s 10m air pistol gold
Bhaker, India’s teenage shooting sensation, added the Youth Olympic Games Women’s 10m Air Pistol Gold to a growing collection of gold medals, winning the event on day three of the Buenos Aires 2018 games with a score of 236.5. She thus became India’s first Youth Olympic Games Gold medalist in the sport of shooting.
Born to an engineer from the Merchant Navy and a school principal, she comes from village of Goria in Haryana. She stole the show at the 2017 National Championships in Kerala, where she won nine golds and broke the national record, held by Sidhu. She has won gold at Commonwealth Games, at ISSF World Cup in Mexico and at ISSF Junior World Cup in Sydney and Suhl — all these coming in 2018. She went without a medal at Asian Games but her coach Jaspal Rana said it spurred her on.
“Yes, I think definitely that could help. Though we all want to win but you can’t win everyday. You will rise one day, you will fall another. That’s how it is,” he said.
“But she has done well and I am really happy for her. There was pressure and there were so much expectations, which I don’t think is fair. At the end of the day, one must remember that she’s just a 16-year-old.”

Saurabh Chaudhary

Imagem da história para issf de Hindustan Times

Gold, Men’s 10m air pistol
Winning a gold medal at any age group level in a multi-national event is not easy but 16-year-old Chauhdary sure made it appear so when he blew the field away in the 10m air pistol final to clinch India’s third gold medal at the Games in Buneos Aires. The 16-year-old set the pace throughout the final as he finished a massive 7.5 points ahead of his closest rival.
Saurabh hails from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh and trains at the Karni Singh Shooting Range in New Delhi. He has already won a gold medal at the Asian Games, which was his first major senior international event and is a junior World Champion as well. In the last one year, the teenager from Uttar Pradesh has done well at the national level, holding his own among veteran pistol shooters, and has notched up impressive numbers on the international junior circuit.
In 2018, he also bagged the gold in 10m air pistol with a junior world record score at the ISSF Junior World Cup in Suhl in Germany. At the same event, he had won the mixed team gold with Devanshi Rana, ahead of compatriots Manu Bhaker and Anmol Jain.

Tushar Shahu Mane

Silver, Men’s 10m air rifle

The one who kick-started India’s medal rush in Buenos Aires. Shahu Tushar Mane clinched a silver in the men’s 10m air rifle on the opening day of competitions in Buenos Aires. Mane, who qualified third for the final, shot 247.5 to win the silver while Grigorii Shamakov took the gold with 249.2. Aleksa Mitrovic of Serbia won the bronze with a score of 227.9.
“He is slightly disappointed at having won the silver,” Suma Shirur, high-performance coach of the Indian junior team (rifle), was quoted as saying by DNA.
“This is where the children of today are different from before. His goal was to go for gold. So, even though he is happy at being India’s first medallist at these Games, there is a feeling within him that he could’ve done better. That says a lot about his attitude and hunger,” she added.
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ISSF Academy completes the 9th IOC/ISSF Training Systems Development Course

The course was held in Bar (MNE), between October 21st and October 26th, and it covered various topics with lectures and workshops.
The 9th IOC/ISSF Training Systems Development Course was conducted at the ISSF Accredited Training Centre in Bar (MNE) between the 21st and the 26th of October 2018.

The course was attended by participants from member federations from as far as Colombia, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, who took part in an extensive series of lectures and workshops with the goal to aid ISSF member federations to implement structured training and development programmes.

Many of the students’ experiences were shared during the group workshops — which were led by ISSF Academy tutors Dr. Kevin Kilty of Ireland and Dr. Zeljko Todorovic of Montenegro. Lectures covered areas such as building a coaching team, talent identification, high performance training systems, club development, training session development and financial planning.

“This course has grown over the years to become one of our most popular annual courses,” said Dr. Kilty. “We strive to give our member federations access to the latest developments in how they can structure a national or club-based training system. The ISSF Academy endeavors to maintain a strong relationship with our federations to support them during this process and we are delighted to see the fruits of our work from this course through an increase in the number of participants in our championship events.”

Course participant Mrs. Edna Yessenia Monzon Villatoro, who is also the President of the Guatemalan Shooting Federation, said: “The course was fantastic! I found the subjects covered very interesting as they touch on the very areas that we are working on in our federation. I learned a lot from the other federations who shared some of their experiences with us and for that alone it was worth attending the course.”

The IOC/ISSF Training Systems Development Course has become very popular amongst member federations and the course will return for its 10th edition in October 2019, also in Bar.

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Team USA: Caitlin Connor Receives Olympic Committee Honors

Team USA: Caitlin Connor Receives Olympic Committee Honors
by SSUSA Staff - Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The U.S. Olympic Committee has a monthly Best Of” award, and thanks to her outstanding performance at the 2018 ISSF World Championships in South Korea, skeet shooter Caitlin Connor won the Best of September female athlete for Team USA. She received a very respectable 30 percent of the vote.

Kim Rhode and Caitlin Connor | 2018 ISSF World Championships, South Korea
Kim Rhode and Caitlin Connor fist bump at the 2018 ISSF World Championships 
in Changwon, South Korea.

At the ISSF World Championships in Changwon, South Korea, Connor won her very-first gold medal after defeating teammate (and shooting mentor) Kim Rhode in the final by a lone clay. They were tied going in to the last station during the final. The win marked the fourth consecutive womens skeet championship won by a U.S. shooter.

In a USA Shooting press release, Connor said, “I was pretty emotional during that final because I’ve never had the feeling during a final that I was going to win and the whole time I thought ‘I’m going to win this thing!’ I wanted to cry after my third pass through! I just kept thinking ‘Stay strong, focus on what you’re doing, and it will be fine.’”

Caitlin Connor, Kim Rhode and Amber English | 2018 ISSF World Championship, Korea
Caitlin Connor, Kim Rhode (l.) and Amber English on the podium at the 
ISSF World Championships in South Korea. The last time Team USA 
swept an open World Championship was in 1974.

Connor, age 27 and a native of Winnfield, LA, is the first woman shooter recognized for a monthly Team USA Best of award since the format was revised. Each Olympic discipline NGB (National Governing Body) nominates three athlete(s) each month: one man, one woman and one team nominee. The coolest part about the Team USA monthly honors is that 50 percent of the final tally is determined by fans voting online. NGB officials and the media provide the other 50 percent of the votes.

Below are the four other athletes that were nominated for the September 2018 Team USA Female Athlete of the Month, along with their share of the votes cast:

1.  Laura Graves (Equestrian), 26 percent
2.  Allysa Seely (Paratriathlon), 17 percent
3.  Rebecca Hart (Para-equestrian), 15 percent
4.  Katie Zaferes (Triathlon), 13 percent

Photos courtesy of USA Shooting

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Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games unveil competition schedule

The Paralympics will take place in Tokyo (JPN) from August 25th to September 6th, where more than 4.000 athletes are expected to participate.
The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee published the sport competition schedule by session of the Paralympic Games, following the approval of the International Paralympic Committee. The schedule remains subject to change after further adjustments. 

The opening ceremony of the 2020 Paralympic Games will be held on August 25th, while the competition will close on September 6th. Around 4.400 athletes will participate, competing in 22 sports and 540 events.

In compiling the sport competition schedule, the Organizing Committee took a holistic approach, taking into account the athletes’ experience and well-being, technical rules and regulations of the various international federations, gender balance, popularity of individual sports in Japan, operational considerations and global TV audience.  

Ticket sales are set to start in the summer of 2019 and the plan is to publish the updated schedule of all 540 medal events by then.

Yoshiro Mori, President of the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee, said: “The schedule for 12 days of fierce competition between a record number of Paralympians from around the world has been framed. A total of 22 sports are scheduled, spread in a well-balanced manner across the length of the Games, so spectators can enjoy the dramatic highs and lows from beginning to end. From now on, I would like people from around the world to look forward to the Games.”

“We believe that watching a powerful display of sporting prowess on-site, with the high performances of Paralympians who are pushing their limits to create the drama of the Games, will be an experience that reaches many people’s hearts,” he added.

“I would like to thank those who were involved over a long period of time in the coordination of the competition schedule, including the IPC and the IFs. Tokyo 2020 will continue to work on further preparations for the Games,” concluded Mr. Mori.

Thirteen shooting sport events will be contested at the Paralympic Games: three men’s, three women’s and seven mixed ones. Shooting sport matches will take place at the Asaka Shooting Range from August 31st to September 6th.

For more details please visit: https://tokyo2020.org/en/games/schedule/paralympic/.

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India’s top women shooters: Kolhapur born, Pune trained and now, aiming for Olympics


The achievements of Kolhapuri women shooters is inspiring Pune as well.

PUNE Updated: Oct 17, 2018 14:35 IST
Pranav Shahney
Pranav Shahney
Hindustan Times, Pune

There is a specific medal-winning pattern emerging. Women shooters from Kolhapur take up the sport, achieve some level of proficiency and then move to Pune.
Better facilities in Pune allow for better training and higher levels of competition. From Pune, these women shooters gun-on to major international glory for India.
Rahi Sarnobat won gold at this year’s Asian Games in Indonesia in the women’s 25m pistol event.
Tejaswini Sawant, women’s 50m rifle prone, won gold at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia.
These medals are apart from victories at major International shooting sport federation (ISSF) events.
While Sarnobat and Sawant, both Kolhapur women who moved to Pune to further their shooting careers have struck gold, they are inspiring a new generation of women shooters to follow suit.
Anushka Patil (10m air pistol), is a 15-year-old from Kolhapur, already has two international ISSF gold medals under her belt. Patil travels to Pune to train.
Then there is Pune’s own Abhidnya Patil, who did the country proud at last month’s ISSF world championships in Changwon, South Korea, returning home with a bronze medal in the mixed team event of the 10m air pistol. Now training at Gun For Glory in Pune, the 19-year-old has slowly started to emerge in the public eye as Indian shooting’s next big thing.
The evidence seems self-evident; if you are a woman shooter from western Maharashtra, chances are the Kolhapur-Pune link is part of the story.
The 28-year-old Rahi Sarnobat explains: For Kolhapur, shooting is not a new concept. When I started shooting, there were already seven to eight international shooters that were from the city. In Kolhapur we also have a tradition of being with weapons, as in almost all houses we have weapons, like swords. Also, the Arjuna Award I received is the fifth one for Kolhapur. It is absolutely not a new thing for us to be involved with shooting.”
Then came the move to Pune, which was inevitable. “There isn’t any other range for 25m except Pune. I trained in Worli, Mumbai, before moving to Pune. I have been here ever since 2009,” says Sarnobat.
Tejaswini Sawant (3 CWG gold medals, 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medals), says: “It’s a part of tradition in Kolhapur. People are encouraged to take up sports, shooting being one of them. I think the level of determination in people from Kolhapur is very high and they are also supported by their family. ”
“A lot of shooters are coming to Pune because at Balewadi, the range is one of Asia’s best shooting ranges and there is accommodation less than a km from the stadium, so it eliminates the time and cost factor in terms of commuting. Facilities like gymnasiums and swimming pools are also provided. I have been here since 2008,” Sawant adds.
Sheila Kanungo, general secretary, Maharashtra rifle association, and ex-coach of Rahi Sarnobat, says, “I’ve heard this from Rahi and many other shooters that there’s a big sports culture in Kolhapur. Even now we have a lot of shooters coming from Kolhapur. They want to do well in sports as well and not just focus on their academic excellence, which is not the mindset that most of the country has.”
Anushka Patil (10m air pistol), the 15-year-old from Kolhapur, says, “I was a yoga state champion. My sports teacher in school saw that my levels of concentration were high and told me to take up shooting. I joined Gun for Glory.” Gun for Glory is the shooting academy started by India’s shooting ace Gagan Narang.
The fledgling from Kolhapur has already represented India in four international events and already has two gold medals in the 9th Asian Air Gun Championships, Iran 2016 and ISSF World Championships, Germany 2018. Domestically, as expected, her medal tally is far more impressive as she has amassed a total of 35 gold, eight sliver, and five bronze medals at the state and national level.
Like Sarnobat and Sawant, Patil comes to Pune to train at Gun For Glory. Explaining the challenges she faces travelling regularly at such an early age, she says, “Whenever I come here, I stay as a paying guest. I haven’t really thought of moving to Pune permanently yet, because it is not possible for my parents to shift. I’m also only 15 yet, so as of now it is difficult to shift to a new city and stay alone.”
The achievements of Kolhapuri women shooters is inspiring Pune as well. City girl Abhidnya Patil is an SYBA student from Bharati Vidyapeeth who is taking the Gun For Glory route in Pune.
Speaking about her recent medal achievements she says: “It was my second international (ISSF, September 2018), but yes, the experience of travelling abroad was a learning curve and winning a medal for your country was great. I’m constantly looking to improve myself.”
Finally, Gagan Narang, one India’s foremost shooters and the man behind the training academy Gun for Glory, believes years of hard work is finally paying off.
“I am still pursuing the sport, now over two decades, so, I am generally aware of the best practices and latest technical knowhow which is passed on to coaches and students. This was not the case few years back and is definitely helping current Indian shooters; not only at the national level, but also at the state level. We work on elite training at grassroots level,” says Narang.
That grassroots level in Maharashtra is clearly emerging as the Kolhapur-Pune connect, aiming now for Olympic gold.
Pranav Shahney 

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International Shooting Sport Federation sustainability group meets for the first time

The ISSF Ad Hoc Committee for Sustainability met for the first time to address sustainability issues in shooting. ©ISSF
The ISSF Ad Hoc Committee for Sustainability met for the first 
time to address sustainability issues in shooting. ©ISSF

The International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) Ad Hoc Committee for Sustainability met for the first time in Frankfurt.
The Committee has been created to develop a sustainability policy and manual for the environmentally sustainable management of shooting ranges. 
This follows a recommendation made by the International Olympic Committee in Agenda 2020, which calls on the Olympic Movement, and therefore the ISSF, to address sustainability issues.
Members of the Committee include Dr. Neda Nozari of Iran, who is a member of the ISSF Medical Committee, Joachim Streitberger of Germany, the chairman of the World Forum on Shooting's Activities Environmental Committee and Stefano Rossi of Italy, a director at the Italian Shooting Federation.
Joining them is Robert Mitchell of the United States, a member of the ISSF Executive Committee, Cypriot Demetris Lordos, the chairman of the ISSF Shotgun Committee, Peter Underhill of Britain, the chairman of the ISSF Judges' Committee and Jörg Brokamp of Germany, the chairman of the ISSF Technical Committee.
The Committee met in the headquarters of the German Olympic Sports Confederation.
They discussed expectations, fields of action and the future way of working.

Nancy Gillen

Nancy Gillen is a junior reporter at insidethegames.biz. She graduated from the University of Leeds with a first class honours degree in International History and Politics, and also completed a placement year at the University as communications assistant. Her first trip with insidethegames.biz was to Turin for the Men's Volleyball World Championships.

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3rd Youth Olympic Games - Official Results Book SHOOTING, and ISSF President Letter

3rd Youth Olympic Games · Buenos Aires, ARG

ISSF President Letter

On behalf of the International Shooting Sport Federation – ISSF – we thank the athletes for their excellent performances in the Shooting events of the 3rd Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, ARG 2018

We express our thanks and appreciation to the organizers of these Youth Olympic Games for their great efforts and the excellent organization of these unforgettable 6 days of outstanding Shooting sport. We were very pleased with the great atmosphere in the Finals and the spectators were amazing. A very special thank is going to all volunteers who did an outstanding job and who were very helpful all the time. 

The temporary shooting venue was well prepared and provided excellently conditions for all athletes.

It was a great pleasure and a unique experience for our 80 athletes from 58 countries all over the world and all the officials, referees, judges and volunteers to contribute to these very successful Shooting events of the 3rd Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, ARG 2018. 
The people of the host country of Argentina are well known as sport enthusiasts and we once again thank them for their great hospitality and making these Youth Olympic Games a Festival of youth and joy. 

We express our sincere congratulations not only to the winners but also to each participant who showed the world that sport can truly be considered as an expression of peace, friendship and brotherhood in fair play. It showed especially that young athletes work hard to get to their goal to compete in the Youth Olympic Games and to make friends during these 2 weeks of sport and culture program.

We are wishing all athletes, officials, referees, judges and spectators safe return home and we are sure that all will take home good memories of the many nice impressions of young athletes to compete in friendship and the extraordinary hospitality of the organizers, our friends and people of Argentina. Thank you Argentina, 

Thank you Buenos Aires!

Olegario Vázquez Raña 
 ISSF President ISSF 

Results Certification Letter

We the undersigned certify that the shooting events of the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games were conducted according to the Rules and Regulations of the ISSF and that the Doping Control Rules and Regulations of the IOC and ISSF were followed. 

Technical Delegate                              Carlos SILVA MONTERROSO, GUA 
Chairman Jury of Appeal                   Gerardo TROTTA ARNONE, VEN
Chairman Rifle & Pistol Jury           Georgios PAPAPANAGIOTOU, GRE
Chairman RTS Jury                            Christian MICHAEL, GER
Chairman Equipment Control Jury  Georgios PAPAPANAGIOTOU, GRE 

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3rd Youth Olympic Games - Buenos Aires 2018: shooting sport recap and medals

Medal Matches 10m Air Pistol Mixed International Team

3rd Youth Olympic Games · Buenos Aires, ARG
The 10m Air Pistol Mixed International Team events closed the shooting sport schedule at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games. The 3rd edition of the Games officially opened on October 6th and it’s going to close on October 18th.
The sixth and conclusive shooting sport event went down today at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

A total of 80 shooter under the 18-year-old limit participated, representing 58 nations and competing in six YOG events: men’s and women’s 10m Air Rifle, men’s and women’s 10m Air Pistol, 10m Air Rifle Mixed International Team and 10m Air Pistol Mixed International Team.

Even if there is no official medal table, seven nations climbed on the podium in individual events: Denmark, Georgia, India, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation, Serbia and Switzerland.
Medalists by event - Individual
10m Air Rifle Men7 OCT 2018GoldSHAMAKOV GrigoriiRUSnation flag
SilverMANE Shahu TusharINDnation flag
BronzeMITROVIC AleksaSRBnation flag
10m Air Pistol Men10 OCT 2018GoldSAURABH ChaudharyINDnation flag
SilverSUNG YunhoKORnation flag
BronzeSOLARI JasonSUInation flag
10m Air Rifle Women8 OCT 2018GoldGRUNDSOEE Stephanie Laura ScurrahDENnation flag
SilverGHOSH MehuliINDnation flag
BronzeMALIC MarijaSRBnation flag
10m Air Pistol Women9 OCT 2018GoldBHAKER ManuINDnation flag
SilverENINA IanaRUSnation flag
BronzeKHUTSIBERIDZE NinoGEOnation flag
In the 10m Air Rifle Mixed International Team event, Mongolia’s Enkhmaa Erdenechuluun and Hungary’s Zalan Pekler won gold, while Russian Federation’s Anastasiia Dereviagina and Mexico’s Edson Ismael Ramirez Ramos took silver, and Argentina’s Facundo Firmapaz and Finland’s Natalia Kemppi secured bronze.

In the 10m Air Pistol Mixed International Team, finally, Germany’s Vanessa Seeger and Bulgaria’s Kiril Kirov finished in 1st place, followed in 2nd by India’s Manu Bhaker and Tajikistan’s Bezhan Fayzullaev, and in 3rd position by Ukraine’s Dmytro Honta and Mexico’s Andrea Victoria Ibarra Miranda.

News, results and updates about the 3rd edition of the Youth Olympic Games are available on the ISSF website, at buenosaires2018.com and on all ISSF social media platforms: FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeWeibo and Youku.

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Bulgaria and Germany climbs atop the mixed international team podium

Medal Matches 10m Air Pistol Mixed International Team
3rd Youth Olympic Games · Buenos Aires, ARG
In the sixth and conclusive event of the shooting sport schedule, Kiril Kirov and Vanessa Seeger signed a resounding 10-points-to-3 victory against Manu Bhaker of India and Bezhan Fayzullaev of Tajikistan. The bronze medal went to Dmytro Honta of Ukraine and Andrea Victoria Ibarra Miranda of Mexico.
Bulgaria and Germany climbed together atop the podium at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games, where they secured the gold medal in the 10m Air Pistol Mixed International Team event.

Vanessa Seeger and Kiril Kirov — who respectively placed 10th and 11th in the Air Pistol individual events — dominated the gold medal match, signing a clear win and securing the brightest medal with the score of 10 points to 3. The international couple prevailed over a team composed by India’s Manu Bhaker — gold medalist in the 10m Air Pistol Women event — and Tajikistan’s Bezhan Fayzullaev, who eventually landed in 2nd place and won silver.

“It was an honour only to be here, not everybody gets this chance, and to win the gold is a fantastic feeling,” said Kirov after the medal ceremony. “I really like this mixed event a lot, it allows you to recover from a bad shot thanks to the point-system and it’s enjoyable to watch.”

“I feel relieved! I wasn’t very happy about my individual event,” added his German teammate. “I still cannot believe what happened. We had two strong competitors and I’m so glad we made it, my partner was amazing and we did a great job together.”

“We’ve been a little bit lucky during the match, because our bad shots came at the same time so they didn’t affect our performance, in the end it was a great day and I’m feeling great!”

“I was happy to be teaming up with Bezhan, I never met him before and we made it together all the way to the gold medal match,” declared Manu Bhaker. “I enjoyed this event, even though I haven’t performed that well I liked it a lot.”

The bronze medal match went in the books with another resounding victory, as Ukraine’s Dmytro Honta and Mexico’s Andrea Victoria Ibarra Miranda beat Iraq’s Fatimah Abbas Waheeb Al-Kaabi and Belgium’s Jerome Son with the score of 10 points to 4.

The eight shooters competed in front of a number of authorities, including IOC President Mr. Thomas Bach, ISSF President Mr. Olegario Vazquez Raña and ISSF Secretary General Mr. Franz Schreiber.

In the two semifinals that determined the medal matches participants, Bhaker and Fayzullaev beat Honta and Ibarra Miranda by 10 to 3, while Kirov and Seeger bested Al-Kaabi and Son with the score of 10 to 6.

Shooting sport at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games saw the participation of 80 athletes, representing 58 nations and competing in six YOG events: men’s and women’s 10m Air Rifle, men’s and women’s 10m Air Pistol, 10m Air Rifle Mixed International Team and 10m Air Pistol Mixed International Team.

News, results and updates about the 3rd edition of the Youth Olympic Games are available on the ISSF website, at buenosaires2018.com and on all ISSF social media platforms: FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeWeibo and Youku.

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