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sábado, 18 de março de 2017

Acapulco start tomorrow the second World Cup Stage of 2017

Tomorrow, March 19 begins the first day of competition for the 2nd ISSF World Cup of the 2017 season in Acapulco, Mexico.

206 athletes from 33 nations are already at the Club de Caza, Tiro y Pesca de Acapulco, to start the competitions from tomorrow until March 26.

From the total of 206 athletes, 149 are men and 57 are women, far from achieving the desired equalization between male and female participants. National Federations will have to observe this detail better, because, considering that from the 33 participating nations, 13 nations did not include women in their teams. It is not mandatory, but desirable, as female athletes today are increasingly competitive and expect federations to give them the same support they have been given to male athletes.

I set up a simplified schedule table, showing only qualifying events and Finals with their respective start times. If you want to consult the complete schedule of the competition, you can find it on the ISSF Website


Day 1
    10:00   Trap Men Day 1
9:00       Trap Women

16:15   Final Trap Women

Day 2
  10:00     Trap Men Day 2

  15:00      Final Trap Men

Day 3
9:00       Test Event - Trap Mixed Gender Team
                    14:15       Final Trap Mixed  Gender Team

Day 4
9:00      Double Trap Men

15:30  Final Double Trap

Day 5
Unofficial Training Skeet

Day 6
Equip. Control – Consultation Service
 9:00       Pre-Event Training – Skeet

Day 7
9:30       Skeet Men  Day 1
 9:00       Skeet Women

15:30    Final Skeet Women

Day 8
9:30     Skeet Men  Day 2

14:00     Final Skeet Men

Attention: Mixed Team Event is a Test Event only. There will be no official WC Medals, no Live Results and no Media coverage as for the World Cup Events.

Thom Erik Syrdahl

Source ISSF Website

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