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ISSF 2017 Rulebook Update – Download the new Rulebook


The latest version of the ISSF OFFICIAL STATUTES, RULES AND REGULATIONS has been published. Summary of the main changes and download link.
In response to new good governance requirements, the ISSF Executive Committee approved a change in the ISSF Code of Ethics during its most recent meeting in February 2017.  This change provides that if it is necessary to appoint an Ethics Committee, “the members of the Ethics Committee must be independent and may not hold a position in the ISSF or any ISSF member federation.”  

The original EDITION 2017 / First Print 01/2017 of the ISSF OFFICIAL STATUTES, RULES AND REGULATIONS has now been modified to include this change. 

This change in the 2017 rulebook also provided an opportunity to make a few additional necessary corrections in the ISSF Technical Rules. The ISSF has just released an EDITION 2017 / First Print V1.1 03/2017 of the ISSF OFFICIAL STATUTES, RULES AND REGULATIONS that includes changes in the following rules:

- Art., Annex CE, ISSF Code of Ethics, Preamble, Sec. 6.1, Sec. 6.2
- Rule b) Traps for Double Trap
- Rule 6.17.4 c) 25m RFP Men Final hit zone
- Rule Rifle Sights, corrective lens attachment
- Rule 8.6.3 Pistol Support Stands
- Rule 9.9.2 a) Double Trap Method
- Rule a) and Shotgun Ties Before Finals
- Rule 9.15.3 Team Ties

ISSF member federations, officials, coaches and athletes are encouraged to download this latest EDITION 2017 / First Print V1.1 03/2017 of the Rules so they will be sure to have the correct version of these rules. The document can be downloaded at: http://www.issf-sports.org/theissf/rules.ashx 

No further changes in the 2017 Rules will be made until after the IOC announces the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Shooting Program. It is expected that the IOC decisions will necessitate some further ISSF Rule changes, especially to provide official rules for mixed-gender team events. These changes will most likely be released in the fall of 2017 or in early 2018. 

Poste by Thom Erik Syrdahl
Source - ISSF  Website
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