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A good Team Leader is very important for the Team

The importance of   having a good Team Leader with a good knowledge of the shooting rules in the benefit of the Team

One of the purpose of my blog is put into discussion the rules and regulations, for the shooting athletes, coaches and team leaders and how important it is for them to be familiar with the ISSF rules and not to make mistakes due to lack of knowledge of the rules, or even lose the right time to intervene when some anomalous situation that may affect the shooting score or rank of his shooter. The knowledge of the rules by the shooter is very important, but it is more important that the team leader and the coach have that knowledge of the rules to give a good support to the shooter during a competition. We can cite two examples to show the importance of someone intervene at the right time, or how harmful it can be to the shooter if the intervention is delayed.

1. The American Coach following his shooter during the event of 3x40, in Guadalajara, realized that the shots began to disperse, with incompatible values ​​for the level of the shooter, immediately the coach called a member of the jury and asked to call his athlete.  
Using binoculars, the coach could check that the rubber band was torn apart in the center of the target, so he requested to change the firing point of the athlete. The Jury members accepted the arguments and moved the shooter to a new firing point and  gave permission to the shooter to start with sighting shots and to give a certain number of extra shots. At the end of the test the Jury members removed the rubber band and control sheet and they found out that the first target the rubber band stopped moving, causing a hole on it and interfering with the result of the shots passing through that hole. Fortunately, the immediate intervention of the coach was important to correct the situation moving the shooter to another firing point.
2. During the World Cup in Korea, Changwon, the Korean Air Pistol shooter, finished the qualification round with a lead of seven points more than the second ranked shooter. During the Final, in the middle of the series, the values ​​of the shots began to disperse, with results far below what would be compatible with the shooter. Some spectators saw that the paper strip was jammed and not moving, which caused a hole in the paper strip. The coach waited too much to make up a decision to interrupt the sequence of shots, about five or six shots were fired before the fault was corrected. This shooter, although starting with seven points more than second placed shooter, he lost the gold medal and ended in second place with 1.3 points below the winner.

These two cases reported show how important is to have a person who knows the rules giving the necessary support to the shooter during a competition. For this reason we found interesting to put in evidence the basic rules of conduct for shooters and officials of teams and showing them how important is to someone to accept the responsibility to be a Leader.


6.10.1                    No kind of demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda is permitted during ISSF supervised Competitions / Championships 
6.10.2                    Each team must have a Team Leader who is responsible for maintaining discipline within that team. A shooter may be appointed as Team Leader. The Team Leader must cooperate with range officials at all times in the interest of safety, efficient operation of the competition and good sportsmanship. A Team Leader is responsible for all official affairs concerning a team.

6.10.3                    The Team Leader has the responsibility of:                 Completing the necessary entries with accurate information and to submit them to the appropriate officials within the designated time limit;                 being familiar with the program;                 having team member’s report, ready to shoot at the designated firing point, at the correct time, with approved equipment;                 checking scores and filing protest, if necessary;                 Observing preliminary and official bulletins, scores and announcements;                 receiving official information and requests and passing them on to team members.
6.10.4                    The shooter should report, ready to shoot, at the designated firing point at the correct time, with approved equipment

source - Issf Rules and Regulations
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