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Rule has an error to be corrected - page 325

Attention to the new rule of Shoes dimensions, there is an error in the rule , about the height of the shooting boots, before was dimension B +10mm and now is only dimension B. Se the rule down and wording in yellow has to be removed from the rule

In the new rule Shoe measurement in the line C of the Table, is correct. The +10m does not appear any more.     The height of the shoe from the floor to the highest point (Dimension C, Shooting Shoe Table) must not exceed two thirds (2/3) of the length (Dimension B+10 mm).
(Example: If the shoe length is 290 mm (B) add the 10 mm (E) and the total length are counted as 300 mm, therefore the height (C) must not be more than 200 mm).193,32mm)     If an athlete wears shoes, they must be a matched pair externally.      Shoe Measurements

Athlete’s shoes must not exceed the maximum dimensions showed on the drawing and chart:

                                               Shoe figure      
Maximum thickness of sole at the toe: 10 mm.
Overall length of shoe: According to size of wearer's foot.
Maximum height of shoe: Not to exceed two-thirds (2/3)
length of B.
Upper part of shoe material maximum thickness 4 mm.
The shoe sole must follow the external curvature of the shoe and may not extend more than 5.0 mm beyond the external Dimensions of the shoe at any point. Toes or heels may not be cut square or flat

Posted by Thom Erik Syrdahl  ISSF A 423
Source - ISSF new rules, 

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