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ISSF DRESS CODE Edition 2013 Effective 1 January 2013

ISSF Regulations Regarding
the Clothing of Athletes, Coaches and Officials
Edition 2013 
Effective 1 January 2013

ISSF Rule General Technical Rule 6.7.6 states:

“It is the responsibility of athletes, coaches and officials to appear on the range dressed in a manner appropriate for a public sports event. Clothing worn by athletes and officials must comply with the ISSF Dress Code. Copies are available from ISSF Headquarters.”
This ISSF Rule is the basis for the  ISSF Dress Code that is provided in this document.

1          GENERAL
All sports are concerned with the image they present to the public and media. Olympic sports, in particular, are judged by whether their athletes and officials present professional images and are a credit to their sports. Shooting’s ability to grow as a sport and attract new participants and fans as well as Shooting’s future status in the Olympic movement are affected by how its athletes and officials appear to the public and media. The ISSF established the ISSF Dress Code to provide specific regulations and guidelines for the implementation of
            Rule 6.7.6.


2.1       All clothing worn by athletes in Training, Elimination, Qualification and Final round competitions must be clothing that is appropriate for wear by athletes in international-class sports competitions. This clothing must convey positive images of shooting athletes as Olympic sport athletes.

2.2       During award or other ceremonies, athletes are required to be dressed in their official national uniform or national training suits (tops and bottoms of training or warm-up uniforms including sport shoes). For teams, all members of the team must wear appropriate national uniforms (Rule

2.3       Rifle athletes must comply with Rifle Clothing Regulations described in Rule 7.5. If they do not wear special shooting trousers or shoes, the clothing worn during competitions must comply with this ISSF Dress Code.
2.4       Pistol athletes must comply with Pistol Clothing Regulations described in Rule 8.5.
2.5       Shotgun athletes must comply with Shotgun Clothing Regulations described in Rule 9.12.1.
2.6       The intention of ISSF rifle, pistol and shotgun clothing rules is that athletes in competitions must wear sports-type clothing that incorporates or displays national, NOC or National Federations colors and emblems. Appropriate           clothing for wear during competitions includes training suits, tracksuits or            warm-up uniforms, etc. as issued by National Federations or NOCs.
2.7       Prohibited clothing items for competitions and award ceremonies include blue jeans, jeans or similar trousers in non-sporting colors, camouflage clothing, sleeveless T-shirts, shorts that are too short (see Rule, not more than 15 cm above the center of the knee), ragged cut-off shorts, all types of sandals, trousers with patches or holes as well as shirts or trousers with no sporting or inappropriate messages (See Rule 6.12.1, no propaganda). Sporting colors should be national uniform colors.  If national colors are not worn, non-sporting colors that should be avoided is camouflage, plaids, khaki, olive or brown.
2.8       Changing clothes must be done in designated areas and not on the field of play (no changing on the firing points or in the ranges).
2.9       All clothing must comply with ISSF Commercial Rights, Sponsorship and
Advertising Rules regarding the display of manufacturer and sponsor marks.


3.1       The  ISSF Dress Code also applies to ISSF Jury Members and National
Technical Officials including Range Officers and Shotgun Referees.
3.2       Competition officials must wear clothing that reflects the professional nature of their responsibilities. While they are on duty, Jury Members must wear the red Jury vests that are available from ISSF Headquarters. While they are on duty, Shotgun Referees must wear the blue Referee vests that are available from ISSF Headquarters.
3.3       Competition officials may not wear any prohibited clothing items that  are described in paragraph 2.7 above. 


4.1       Accredited photographers and TV cameramen with access to the field of play must respect the  ISSF Dress Code because they are working in the public view.
4.2       Photographers and TV cameramen should not wear sleeveless shirts, cut-offs, gym or running shorts. If they wear shorts, they must wear socks and shoes.
4.3        Photographers working on the field of play must wear the official bib vest for POOL or NON-POOL PHOTOGRAPHERS that are issued by the ISSF. Photographer vests will bear the ISSF logo and may bear one sponsor logo not bigger than the ISSF logo. Photographer vests are numbered so photo coordinators or the ISSF Technical Delegate may identify photographers.
4.4       TV cameramen working on the field of play must wear the official bib vest for TV CAMERAMAN. These vests must bear the ISSF logo and have easily distinguishable numbers on the front and back of the bib vest so that TV cameramen can be identified.
4.5       Photographers and TV cameramen are not allowed to wear any other vest or jacket displaying advertising while working on the field of play.


5.1       ISSF Equipment Control, Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Juries are responsible for enforcing ISSF Clothing Regulations and the ISSF Dress Code (Rule 4 -Edition 2013  Copyright: ISSF
5.2       During ISSF Championships, ISSF Juries will issue written warnings with
requests to correct clothing violations for first violations. Athletes who receive written warnings and who do not correct clothing violations (change clothing) will be disqualified. Juries will normally give warnings during equipment inspection or training. Juries may allow an athlete to complete a pre-event training series or stage (Shotgun or 25m Pistol) before changing if sufficient time to change is not available. No athlete will be permitted to participate in a Qualification or Final round competition or in an awards ceremony while wearing inappropriate or prohibited clothing.
5.3       Before and during the competitions, Juries shall use the  ISSF Dress/Advertising Code Violation Warning Form (copy the form on the next page) to inform Dress or Advertising Code violators and to request corrective

Posted by Thom Erik Syrdahl
Source: ISSF Website: - http://www.issf-sports.org/theissf/rules/amendments_interpretation.ashx
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