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The new format of the finals was designed for this phase of the competition to become a great attraction for spectators who come to watch the great contest between the best athletes in the sport of shooting and the award of medalists of that competition.

In this new form of Final, the main actors will continue to be the shooters, but now with the participation of two other important actors, which are; the Chief Range Officer of the Final (CRO) and the Announcer which will be responsible for the success of the event making each Final an attraction for the audience.

The CRO must know perfectly script of the Final he is directing, because the time of each step and commands has to obey every minute/second as determined by the script. Besides knowing perfectly the rules of the event, he must be a perfect actor with good diction, have a strong and clear voice and have presence of mind to overcome unexpected situations that may occur without losing his temper or the shooting program sequence.

 The Announcer becomes now a new personage of great importance in the presentation of the Finals. He’s responsibility is to introduce the Finalists, the Jury Member-in-charge and the Chief Range Officer of the Final, and also, during the Final, to keep the spectators well informed on all details of the competition, to make the audience participate actively throughout the intermissions between the shooting stages. They should cheer and applaud all the time, and for that to happen, the announcer has to be charismatic, creative, like a television presenter.

Such is the importance of the announcer that ISSF will provide a professional sport announcer who will serve as the ISSF Finals FOP Announcer during all Finals at ISSF Championship during the year of 2013.
Article written by Thom Erik Syrdahl

How to use the “Commands and Announcements for Finals 2013”

The ISSF Headquarters provides separate scripts for all fifteen (15) Olympic ISSF Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Events which have to be used for all Finals at the 2013 ISSF Championships (WCH, WC, WCF).

Each script includes ALL commands of the Chief Range Officer (CRO) and the public announcements of the Finals FOP Announcer according to the official ISSF Rules and Regulation 2013.

Each script is a XLS file and consists of 3 separate worksheets:
    1) Complete
· Here you find the complete overview with all necessary information and comments.

    2) CRO only
· Here you find all the CRO commands, and the information when the Finals FOP Announcer will make announcements.

    3) Announcer only
· Here you find all the Finals FOP Announcer announcements (including “Welcome” and “Closing”), and the information when the CRO will make commands.

You only have to import the correct “Scheduled Finals Start Time” into the first yellow box next to “Start” of each worksheet, and the complete and correct timing will be calculated automatically!!!

Please use the separate worksheets as “working document”: the CRO and the Finals FOP Announcer should get their “scripts” early enough to be prepared for the Finals as good as possible.

Please make sure that there will be a rehearsal for all persons involved in conducting the Finals. The Chief Range Officer and the Finals FOP Announcer have to know exactly, who is doing what and when!!!

The Finals FOP Announcer will receive the “best achievements” of each Finalist right after the end of the Qualification (when the 6/8 Finalists are known) from the ISSF HQ staff in the according “Athletes Presentation”.

In 2013, the ISSF will provide a professional sports announcer who will serve as the ISSF Finals FOP Announcer during all Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Finals at ISSF Championships.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the ISSF Headquarters for any questions / problems
Posted By Thom Erik Syrdahl
Source: ISSF Website.
Note – You will find the Scripts of COMMANDS AND ANNOUCEMENTS in the Website of ISSF –
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