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terça-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2017

Test events included for the first time in the ISSF World Cup in New Delhi.

Out the four events scheduled, two have already been held, however, no result, nor how many teams participated in each event, was released for disclosure.

I have searched all the shooting sites for the results of the 10m test events for mixed teams in Air Rifle and Air Pistol.

I only found references of the Air Pistol event in the Indian press, certainly because the winning team was India's double mixed team and as a result, the report included Japan's second-ranked teams and Slovenia's third- only that.

None of the results achieved by each team and also no reference was made to the participation of other teams.

I assumed that these events would be an important test for the ISSF to demonstrate the correctness of their decision to replace the events of 50m Rifle Prone and 50m Pistol.

We would like the ISSF, after analyzing the results of the three test events in India, to make public their evaluation, the list of the teams that participated and the results obtained, as it should be in everyone's interest to have knowledge of this important Test that will modify the content of our sport in the next Olympiad in Tokyo.

Thom Erik Syrdahl
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