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terça-feira, 12 de novembro de 2013

SIUS Ascor's Champions Trophy, the 10m competition sponsored by Sius Ascor that closed the 2013 ISSF World Cup Final



Only the bests participated in the Champions Trophy, the 10m competition sponsored by Sius Ascor that closed the 2013 ISSF World Cup Final held at the 1972 Olympic Shooting Range of Munich from the 6 to the 11 of November.
The 2013 ISSF Rifle and Pistol World Cup Final has been closed today by the SIUS Ascor's Champions Trophy, the traditional competition that brings the very best athletes of the world cup final on the shooting line for a money price of 5000,00 €.
Only the World Cup Final medallists are eligible to participate in the two Champions Trophy events: the 10m Air Pistol and 10m Air Rifle mixed knock-out round.
How does the Trophy works? After four competition shots, the participant with the lowest score goes out, and from there on, one shot after the other, the shooter with the lowest total has to leave the matchj.
When only two athletes are left on the firing line, the total goes back to zero, and three shots are fired to decide the winner of the Champions Trophy.
The bests Pistol and Rifle shooters will win 5.000,00 Euro each, thanks to the SIUS ASCOR Company, the official ISSF results provider sponsoring the event.
To make everything a bit more interesting, the audience is pushed by the speaker to be “as loud as possible” while cheering and supporting their champions.
It was the Belarusian shooter Vicktoria Chaika who won the Pistol Champions trophy outdoing the reigning Olympic Champion Jin Jongoh of Korea.
The Rifle Champions Trophy finished in favour of Yang Haoran, the 17-year old Chinese shooter who had won the 10m Air Rifle Men final last week. Yang outdid the winner of the 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women event, Italy's Petra Zublasing, who finished just 0.2 behind him in the final duel.

Posted By Thom Erik Syrdahl
Source - ISSF Website  -  http://www.issf-sports.org

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