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segunda-feira, 5 de junho de 2017

ISSF welcomes Shooting Sport Industry representatives in Munich

“This has been a very positive, friendly and constructive meeting," ISSF President Olegario Vazquez Raña said.
The International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) conducted a summit with key stakeholders from the shooting industry in Munich today, June 5, to further explain and discuss the ISSF’s proposed innovative amendments to the Olympic Programme. 

ISSF President Olegario Vàzquez Raña led the meeting, which also saw the participation of several members of the ISSF Executive Committee and Administrative Council and of Secretary General Franz Schreiber.

The ISSF Secretary General said:

“The decision process that led to the ISSF proposal for the Tokyo 2020 Programme has been complex, comprehensive, and involved input from as many sources as we could. We are always ready to explain the process and to listen to our stakeholders’ feedback.”

“We kept in consideration the important recommendations of Agenda 2020, and we looked at Mixed Gender Team events - which proved to be really popular at the Youth Olympic Games and at the European Games – as a very positive way to address the mission to achieve gender equality. The IOC event-based evaluation [for Rio 2016] that we received in January confirmed our analysis, and our ISSF Executive Committee and Administrative Council unanimously approved the recommendation.”

The ISSF President Olegario Vàzquez Raña said:

“This has been a very positive, friendly and constructive meeting. We shared our view with the industry representatives. We understand that change is never easy, especially when it involves industrial processes and business planning. We answered their questions, explaining the details of our decision process, and giving them an overview on the current situation.”

“We would like to thank all industry representatives for attending the summit, and we will certainly organize a follow-up meeting later this year, to continue this positive collaboration. The development of the sport is a common goal.”  

Posted by Thom Erik Syrdahl
Source ISSF Website
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