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Jogos Olímpicos da Juventude - YOG

Jogos Olímpicos da Juventude  -  YOG

Ontem postamos um programa de bolsas  da Solidariedade Olímpica junto com os Comitês Olímpicos Nacionais interessados; conceder bolsas que habilitem Atletas promissores de participarem das competições de qualificação Olímpica e prepara-los para os Jogos Olímpicos da Juventude (YOG).

Hoje o assunto será sobre os YOG (Yuoth Olympic Games) que sera realizado na cidade de Nanjing, China em 2014.

The Youth Olympic Games (YOG) is proposed as an international multi-sport event held every four years. The event will follow the existing Olympic format of staggered summer and winter games.

The YOG is a sporting event for young people, balancing sport, education and culture. These Games work as a catalyst in these fields throughout the Olympic Movement. Young athletes will participate in high-level sporting competitions while also engaging in a Culture and Education Programme (CEP) focused on the Olympic spirit and Olympic values, skill development, well-being and healthy lifestyle, social responsibility and expression through digital media.
The IOC is allowing the Summer Games to last twelve days with a maximum of 3,500 athletes and 1,500 officials. The YOG will feature athletes between the ages of 15 and 18 and encompass all 28 sports.
The host city is encouraged not to build any new major venues, with the exception of some temporary structures or possibly a Youth Olympic Village (YOV) providing at least 5000 beds.
The YOV must be constructed in an ideal location equally well-suited for competition, warm-up and training, as well as cultural and educational activities. The YOV square will be available to hold major cultural and educational programs. Meanwhile, the city should offer accommodation (two-star hotel to four-star hotel with at least 3000 beds) and transportation (buses etc.) for officials.
As well as a sports programme, the Youth Olympic Games incorporates a Cultural and Education Programme. During the Youth Olympic period the host city must organize a wide variety of cultural and educational activities for young people, creating an interactive educational experience based on the Olympic values with the aim of teaching young people to say no to unhealthy lifestyles and allowing them to become well-rounded people with true sporting spirits
The Purposes of YOG
1. To bring the world’s best young athletes together and celebrate.
2. To offer a unique and powerful introduction to Olympism.
3. To innovate in education, debating Olympic values and the challenges facing society.
4. To share and celebrate the cultures of the world in a festive atmosphere.
5. To reach out to youth communities throughout the world to promote Olympic values.
6. To raise sports awareness and participation among young people.
7. To act as a platform for initiatives within the Olympic Movement.
8. To be an event of the highest international sporting standard

The Principles of YOG
The YOG aims to bring together talented young athletes – aged from 15 to 18 -- from around the world to participate in high-level sporting competitions, but also to run educational programs about the Olympic values and the benefits of sport for a healthy lifestyle.

The 28 sports contested at the YOG are listed below:
* Aquatics (Diving and Swimming)        * Archery
* Athletics                                              * Badminton
* Basketball(33 Basketball)                   * Boxing
* Canoe-Kayak(Racing)                         * Cycling (BMX,MTB,ROAD)
* Equestrian (Jumping)                          * Fencing
* Football                                               * Gymnastics(Artistic and Rhythmic)
* Handball                                              * Hockey
* Judo                                                    * Modern pentathlon
* Rowing                                                * Sailing
* Shooting                                              * Table Tennis
* Taekwondo                                         * Tennis
* Triathlon                                             * Volleyball(Volleyball)
* Weightlifting                                        * Wrestling(Freestyle and Greco-Roman)
*Golf                                                      *Rugby (Rugby Seven)

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