Juiz Internacional de Tiro Esportivo, completando agora em janeiro, 40 anos de atividade.

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Sou uma pessoa de facil relacionamento, tenho facilidade de trabalhar em grupo, sou otimista e gosto de festas.

quinta-feira, 7 de junho de 2012

Oportunidade para os jovens atletas


Through the Olympic Scholarship programme Olympic Solidarity and the NOC concerned; athlete scholarships strive to enable promising athletes to participate in Olympic qualification competitions and to prepare for the (Youth) Olympic Games. Athletes will be provided with:
  • access to appropriate training facilities
  • supervision by a coach specialising in the relevant sporting discipline
  • regular medical and scientific assistance and testing
  • accident and illness insurance
  • board and lodging costs
  • adequate pocket money fixed subsidy
During the Olympic Games in Beijing, CHN (2008) a total of 37 (15 women, 22 men) athletes benefitted from an Olympic scholarship. For the Olympic Games in London, GBR (2012) several athletes have obtained Olympic Scholarship that will allow them to optimise their preparation for the Games. Besides, some young athletes look forward to benefit from an Olympic scholarship during the next Youth Olympic Games in 2014.
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