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How to become an Sport Shooting Coach. ISSF can help you

The ISSF Training Academy was established by the ISSF in 1993 for the purpose of developing 
professional, technical and sport science based courses of education for the benefit of the 
coaches of member federations.
With over 25 courses successfully completed, the Academy has become the centre of excellence 
for sport shooting coach education and continues to develop its coaching programmes to ensure that 
the very latest in shooting techniques and sports science is made available.
The Academy has developed a range of courses tailored for the modern professional shooting coach. 
The courses offer the shooting coach a range of studies in their specific shooting discipline 
combined with multidisciplinary studies in sport science.
Each year, over 15 countries worldwide participate in one of the Academy’s courses and the 
Academy is increasing the range of coach education through its “D licence” for Regional Coaches 
The Academy has developed an education syllabus with a strong academic basis incorporating home 
study, distance learning and classroom based activities that when combined bring a powerful learning 
experience for shooting coaches.
The academy’s coaching courses are organised on a residential basis at an approved ISSF training 
centre. A unique feature of the course is that participants come from all of the ISSF shooting disciplines. 
This  multi-disciplinary feature is carried through to the course material where a wide range of sport 
science and shooting science subjects are dealt with in detail.
All the Academy courses bring together the best current practices in shooting coaching combined with 
the best in shooting science practice. The courses have been developed and are delivered by a 
professional staff of tutors who have many years of successful coaching at international and Olympic 
level along with specialist tutors in sport science. The sport science components have been developed 
in conjunction with Manchester Metropolitan University.
The courses are designed to offer a collaborative and exciting learning environment for coaches. 
Coaches from shotgun, rifle and pistol cooperate and work together during the course providing an 
unparalleled learning experience.
For coaches, the Academy represents the ultimate career development path with internationally 
recognised qualifications and the opportunity to network and develop relationships across the full 
spectrum of the shooting sports.
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More information on the ISSF Training Academy can also be found in our TA flyer – Please click here 
to download the flyer.

Posted by Thom Erik Syrdahl
Source:- ISSF Website -  http://www.issf-sports.org/academy.ashx

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