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The rules of the new “Sport for All” event which combines running and shooting are out now. After testing them during two international competitions, the ISSF released the rules of the new competition format which was welcomed with enthusiasm by the international sport community.
The ISSF released the official rules for the new ISSF TARGET SPRINT event, a Sport for All competition format that combines mid-distance running and rifle shooting.

The first ISSF Target Sprint competitions took place in May and June earlier this
year during the World Cup in Munich and the International Junior Championship in Suhl (Germany).

These new “Sport for All” events were immediately welcomed by the international sport community. Nearly 100 athletes participated in the first matches, and produced great performances and results. Not only shooters gave it a try: participants included indeed athletes from other sports such as athletics and biathlon.

ISSF Target Sprint combines fitness and precision, shooting and running. The new event mixes indeed air rifle shooting and middle distance running. It requires participants to be fast, accurate shooters and topossess excellent physical fitness. 

The setting of the event is design to reduce organizational and participation costs, and there's no complicated scoring system. Athletes are aiming at falling targets, the single-loaded air rifles are provided by the organizers, and decisions are immediately clear: the first who crosses the finish line, is the winner.

Releasing the official ISSF TARGET SPRINT rules, the International Shooting Sport Federation would like to make this new event available to all its member federations, that can now organize local Sport for All events. The rules are now available for download at: http://www.issf-sports.org/theissf/rules/sports_for_all.ashx
Posted by Thom Erik Syrdahl
Source: - http://www.issf-sports.org/news.ashx?newsid=1951

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